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Default [GAME THREAD] FFRTWG CLXXXII Holiday Special

How my Grinch Got Run Over by Buddy the Elf on a Reindeer While Visiting the Isle of Misfit Toys to Become a Dentist Starring Peter Dinklage Including The Dreidel Song ft. John Legend

1. Santa Claus (Sleigh Driver)- each night, targets two players. If these players do not share a color, their actions from that night will be redirected to each other.
2. Mall Santa (Wolf seer)- each night, targets a player. Is told that player's color.
3. Santa's Elf- a vanilla wolf.

4. Mall Cop (One-shot vigilante)- once per game, during a night phase, may target a player. That player dies at the end of that night phase.
5. Michael Jackson (Seer)- once each night, may target a player. Is told the color of that player.
6. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer- once each night, may spin the dreidel.
7. Buddy the Elf- once each night, may spin the dreidel.
8. Olive, the Other Reindeer- once each night, may spin the dreidel.
9. Joseph the Carpenter- once each night, may spin the dreidel.
10. Judas Maccabeus- once each night, may spin the dreidel.
11. The Grinch- once each night, may spin the dreidel.
12. Ebenezer Scrooge- once each night, may spin the dreidel.
13. The Bumble- once each night, may spin the dreidel.

The Night Before Christmas
On Night 1, any attempted kill actions will automatically fail.

The Dreidel
Each night, all vanilla humans get to play dreidel. Each side of the dreidel- Nun, Gimel, Hey, and Peh- have a 25% chance of occurring.
Nun- Nothing happens.
Gimel- The player gains a one-shot role seering.
Hey- The player gains a one-shot color seering.
Peh- The player loses all seering powers they’ve gained so far.
The Dreidel powers cannot be used until the kinara is fully lit.

The Kinara
At the beginning of the game and each additional phase afterwards, a candle on the kinara will be lit. Once all seven candles are lit, the dreidel powers become useable at any time. Additionally, the wolf team gains powers.
Special Delivery- Santa Claus can deliver a bomb to any player, killing them and obliterating any chances of a cardflip.
Segue- The Mall Santa’s seering power turns into a Role Seer.
Call Me Elf One More Time- Santa’s Elf gains a roleblock power. (Once each night, may target a player. That player’s actions fail and they are notified of the roleblock.)

Game Notes (READ):

-Night start
-ootc on
-roleflips on
-night talk on
-":00 BAD, :01 bad"
-5 posts per day phase minimum requirement
-no post requirement during night phases
-48 hour days, 24 hour nights regardless of when the update comes
-please avoid posting during phase updates to prevent deadchat
-nolynch/nokill available once

Everyone is free to use or not use the discord, it's an attempt to give everyone access to a universal chatroom medium
Spectators can join in too by requesting the @Spectator role, which prevents you from speaking or reacting, but lets you see a special spectator chat!


1. the sun fan
2. MixMasterLar
3. XelNya
4. mellonxcollie
5. DaBackpack
6. Antori
7. Svaz
8. Funnygurl555
9. inDheart
10. Charu
11. Wayward Vagabond
12. funnier6
13. Lightknight924

It is now pregame. Roles are being randed and PMs are being sent. You are welcome to join the Discord at this time, but please refrain from talking about game content until Night 1 has started.
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