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Default Re: TWG 187: Senpai [Game Thread]

Originally Posted by Hakulyte View Post
I mean, your role is inconsistent and that's a problem to me.

I doubt Xiz added a "lover mechanic" where there's no one else that could be it.

I don't understand why you assumed your lover could only be dead. The logical explanation left was that a wolf has to be the lover. e.g: YoshL/Dafty being T/W
What makes this even weirder to me, is that I have to be visited by someone at night and I highly doubt that a wolf would visit me at night
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i can't vote shadow god because his profile picture gives me motivation to check on the thread regularly
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more like Shad-hoe God am I right haha
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i'd contribute but i haven't taken a picture of myself in a while
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