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Default Re: Junior Werewolf Game History

Despite the bad beginning, the Humans summoned the power of Rock and shredded to victory!

The Stunning Final Reveal:

1. xplayfan (WOLF, killed by elemental night 4)
2. DarkManticoreX2 (HUMAN, killed night 2)
3. heavylee(WOLF, lynched day 5)
4. emerald000(ELEMENTAL, attacked night 3, killed night 4)
Used seer power on freaky, night 3
Used guard power on argo, night 3
Used kill power on xplay, night 4
5. Argo15 (GUARDIAN, won the game)
6. freakysnots (HUMAN, won the game)
7. rzr (HUMAN, won the game)
8. EnR (WOLF, lynched Day 4)
9. Isosceles (HUMAN, won the game)
10. massflavour (HUMAN, lynched Day 1)
11. Pyroshock (PSYCHIC, killed Night 5)
12. gnr61 (HUMAN, lynched Day 3)
13. timotolkki11 (HUMAN, lynched Day 2)
14. travman301 (HUMAN, killed Night 1)

MVP goes to freakysnots for taking suspicions off the guardian and orchestrating the last few votes that led the humans to a quick victory.

LVP, well...this would have to go to xplayfan for being so evasive. He made, what, one post in the thread? The only reason why he didn't phantom out is because of the instalynches.

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Everyone sucks at this game. The second you think you're good is the second you stop trying to get better.
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i had a mri the other day it was the best song i heard in years

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More of a joke than the time I deleted all the credits on the site.
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