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Default Re: Which Rhythm Game are you from? and how did you get here

I think the first one I had ever played was Guitar Hero 3 in late 2007, Rock Band 1 and 2 in 2008, but the first game I was really into was Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2. Back in about 2009, when I was in Kindergarten. Skip forward a few years, I rediscover RB2 in 2014, get RB3 sometime later, and in November of 2014 I came here.

Guitar Hero/Rock Band was what made me get used to downscroll so that's why I use it today : )
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damnit subaru
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if cocoa flips town, n2 vig should shoot zenith obv
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Okay, I'm 7 pages deep and this is a shitfest.
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wolf gurls exist awooo owo ┐furries? owo awoo

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My beak is bigger than yours

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