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Default Re: Geocaching???

Originally Posted by MinaciousGrace View Post
im sorry are you upset that there are dissenting opinions from yours on the internet and you don't know how to contend with anyone that doesnt agree with you

you can always ban me because you don't like me

you're right, i can leave the thread, i don't have to be here

but i am, so what are you gonna do, whine about it some more or exercise your superior mod power?
I mod TGB, and I've never banned anybody because I didn't like them and would never do that.

I don't have any problem at all with your opinion. My problem is with your attitude and the way you talk to people and spread negativity for no reason. My point is that if something causes you enough anger that you feel the need to make the types of posts you made here, and you're not really adding anything productive to the conversation, maybe simply leaving the thread without saying anything is the better option.
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Originally Posted by MinaciousGrace View Post
people like you are how trump gets elected
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