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Originally Posted by MinaciousGrace View Post
i can only hope when future archaeologists uncover the ancient pastime of geocaching they'll appropriately understand how fucking stupid it is
Haha noooooo don't let her attack on archeology ruin your perception of geocaching!

I wouldn't say it's a dumbed down version of archeology at all. In fact, they're pretty dissimilar. There's good reason why one is an adventurous (albeit simple) pastime and the other is an occupation and field of study.

Archeology is hard work, with much research, surveying, searching, digging, and a lot of careful procedure that needs to be followed. All just to maybe find something. Then comes the task of studying the finds and piecing together their possible implications on human history, migration, culture, and so on.

Geocaching as a whole is very different than that. If you've ever gone to a place for the purpose of hiking there, then you've already done the majority of the work involved in geocaching. All it does is take the fun of a hike in nature and add another layer of enjoyment by creating a special destination within your hike. It also helps make it memorable through the small trinkets and mementos you find, or through the notes that you leave. There's often really cool stuff, and dismissing it all as "condoms in various states" is only doing yourself a disservice.

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I followed the "by the book" play, but I was reading the "not to do" page.
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"i gave you 20 ducks, and spent a lot of time making one of them quack, and pointed at the particular one and asked "is that one the worst quacker"" ... "you could still give somewhat of an answer based on the quality of the quacks, and the other random quacks from the ducks surrounding that weren't the center of focus."
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