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Default Re: Geocaching???

i dont see how trekking to a predefined location to find condoms in various states of use can be considered more fun and/or equivalently juvenile to refining our understanding of something like the expanse and depth of the mayan civilization

if you think misconceptions about previous civilizations negate the entire purpose of the field of archaeology and that attempting to understand the arc of human history is an exercise that exists only to feed ones own ego then really i dont know what to say other than you are as stupid as your defense of geocaching

like holy shit the more i read your post the more i cant imagine how you can defend your own continued existence

by your own logic if you cannot know everything in totality, if there is even a speck of doubt in any of your beliefs or understanding of anything, then your existence is an irresponsible abuse of the human mind masking ignorance with "nicheness" and you should just kill yourself

like really there are a dozen alternative avenues of defense for doing something stupid and intellectually non-engaging but you managed to pick the one where you attack an important established academic field as being stupid, pointless, and fake

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