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I've been geocaching multiple times, since my father had a mid-life crisis with geocaching being a sport for him for a dozen years or so.

I think the greatest appeal for geocaching has got to be that, most geocaching locations are located on rather active trails or bike paths through woodland areas. The geocache in itself acts as an 'easter egg' so to say, that would be otherwise excruciatingly hard to find without any sort of hints or assistance in finding it.

The strangest thing I found in a geocache is an unused, wrapped condom. Besides that, plenty of hot wheels cars, small figurines, dolls, a laser pointer or two (with still working batteries), old coins, etc. Most geocaches are always accompanied with a small notebook ledger and a pencil as well to record the date and time at which you found it, as well as your name.
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Oh, I thought it was just my internet this whole time.
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