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Originally Posted by Cavernio View Post
(unless people are the geocache, 'stuff' is your identity, then its a pretty awesome thing because you get to fill it with -whatever you want- )
On this, there's almost always a log or notebook you can sign. That first time in SF, I didn't know what geocaching was but the log made the point of it guessable. I didn't have anything to leave so I wrote my name down and took a keychain that said "Japan".

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Originally Posted by Hakulyte
I followed the "by the book" play, but I was reading the "not to do" page.
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" I'd suck a dick in a dark, dark alley."
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"i gave you 20 ducks, and spent a lot of time making one of them quack, and pointed at the particular one and asked "is that one the worst quacker"" ... "you could still give somewhat of an answer based on the quality of the quacks, and the other random quacks from the ducks surrounding that weren't the center of focus."
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"I love Wolfe's duck avi so much. Shado's Duck Shrine is the best!!

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