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Default Re: Trouble maintaining skill

If you want to continue to push yourself to improve, while getting exposed to a huge pool of unplayed files, I have an interesting idea that helped me that you are welcome to try.

When I found I was digging myself into a rut, I decided to shift my training paradigm dramatically. I recognized that I was having trouble improving, because I spent too much time choosing which songs to play, and that I kept falling back on the same familiar set of 3-10 songs every day.

I noticed a huge improvement in the effectiveness of my sessions after compiling a cheat sheet to help me break my habit. I would suggest following my FFRMania Difficulties spreadsheet, starting from difficulty 21.00 (or wherever you feel comfortable), and play each song, fully, in sequential order. Do not skip songs, and do not quit out early. Do write down notes about stepfiles you think can help you improve faster, and revisit those files when you want to warm up next session.

Let me know what you think about my strategy. I think this would also be a fun and effective training strategy for anyone reading this thread that has been putting off derusting, and wants to start playing seriously again.
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