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Default Re: TWG 189: Funnygurl VS T-Force Rivalry GAME THREAD

Originally Posted by psychoangel691 View Post

I totally missed the “lynch me” part here the first time I’d read this post. That’s hella wolfy to me. Feel like you’re trying to make people think “oh he’s willing to self sacrifice, not wolfing” I don’t like this post one bit. Acting weird how? All of this again is so very non comittal.

This was towards WV. You aren’t talking and vote me is

Way too opportunistic if you ask me.

No explanation on why he feels shadow is more red than blue. Goes on about how it’ll give info but then goes on to say that shadow hadn’t said much of sustance and that his reads were bad because not much context (which is ironic) and I believe by this point it had been noted that shadow was going to be away for EOD and couldn’t answer questions about anything. This really feels like a wolf trying to jump on an easy kill to me.

This was in response to my inquiry on the blue thing since apparently he was unaware blue are power roles. Why would you wait till d2 to grill anyone? The more people talk the more info we have and the better odds we have someone slips. InD was active, holding off makes no sense. Not saying you’d necessarily kill, but to not “grill” them, I don’t know why you’d hold off on that.

Once again doesn’t bother to take the time to understand mechanics of the game. Very lazy play.

Opportunistic again, willing to just go with the subaru vote without any hard reasoning.

Basically same as above.

But then uh oh, doesn’t wanna vote xel. Without going back through and just going off hand with previous info in my head makes me wanna go dbp, xel, kappa right here.

I’ll have to look into the DBP inD situation cause I’m not sure what this refers to when it comes to their interactions.
For the record, I did not come in last minute I was around for over an hour. There wasn’t much substance till close to day’s end. Which tends to happen first day.
What made shadow weird to you? Reading his posts I saw nothing really that stood out. Were you just looking for another easy kill for this phase?

But why were you find with a subaru vote if not a xel vote? Feels like a partner protect at this point because you keep going on about how we’d not get info from it but subaru hadn’t posted really anything other than “I’m doing x right now” type posts.
You mention being useful a lot but huge majority of your posts have been very fluffy and not much substance.
DBP I’m going to look into more too because sunfan was starting to notice some things and I tend to trust sun’s reads over a lot of people.
I haven’t read up on these guys yet so can’t comment much on the end parts as of now.

Just trying to clarify, are you saying DBP killed sun because he made you look town?

So overall:
67 posts and the majority of them are fluff. Comes across to me like “I wanna look like I’m helping but not really give any information” A lot of really lazy play going on right now, possibly partner protect. Right now you do have a scum lean from me, but would like to hear more from you on these points.

Skimming through I think I've seen a lot of people just toss kappa right in a town lean, so I guess I'm the odd one out but I feel like something's off here.
I disagree strongly with basically this entire post, I do not even know where to start with it
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