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Default FFR 4th Official Tournament! - Signups Closed!

Hi! Welcome to the fourth Official FFR R1 Tournament! This tournament is for players of any and all skill levels, from the barest beginners to the most seasoned veterans. As always, it's free to join, and there are cash and prizes for not only the winners, but potentially all the way down to 8th place!

Tournament Rules and Overview:

In this tournament, there will be five divisions: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Masters. When you sign up, I will place you in one of these divisions based on your accomplishments in FFR--you cannot just "sign up" for any specific division, so don't even bother saying which division you want to be in. There is NO LIMIT to the number of spots in this tournament--signups will last for the full week, no matter how many players we get.

To sign up, go ***link removed due to signups being closed***.Make sure you click the signup button on the page. Just going to the page alone WILL NOT sign you up. Also, posting in this thread WILL NOT sign you up.

Note: You must have at least 100 games played to enter this tournament.

Please do not message me asking what division you will be placed in. I won't respond. Everything will be posted when it is time. Thank you

Prizes for the winners are as follows:
1st in D5: 2 year subscription, $100 cash, and an FFR T-shirt
1st in D4: 2 year subscription, $80 cash, and an FFR T-shirt
1st in D3: 2 year subscription, $60 cash, and an FFR T-shirt
1st in D2: 2 year subscription, $40 cash, and an FFR T-shirt
1st in D1: 2 year subscription, $20 cash, and an FFR T-shirt

2nd in D5: 1 year subscription, $50 cash, and an FFR T-shirt
2nd in D4: 1 year subscription, $40 cash, and an FFR T-shirt
2nd in D3: 1 year subscription, $30 cash, and an FFR T-shirt
2nd in D2: 1 year subscription and $20 cash
2nd in D1: 1 year subscription and $10 cash

3rd in D5: 6 month subscription and $25 cash
3rd in D4: 6 month subscription and $20 cash
3rd in D3: 6 month subscription and $15 cash
3rd in D2: 6 month subscription and $10 cash
3rd in D1: 6 month subscription and $5 cash

There may be additions to these prizes, but these are the minimum.

General rules:

When the first round of the tournament starts and with each new round after that, I will announce the main song and the tiebreaker song, if applicable. Your goal is to get and submit a higher score on the main song than your opponent.

-You can only play the specified main song for that round (assuming the tiebreaker is unnecessary). Rounds will generally be 1 week long (7 days) each unless otherwise noted.

-When you think you have a score you want to submit, take a screenshot of it and post it in the appropriate thread or send it via forum PM to Sprite-. If you don't know how to take a screenshot, follow these steps:
1. Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard.(For Mac users it is Command+Shift+3. For all who don't know, Command is the apple button.)
2. Go into Paint (Start>Programs>Accessories) or another imaging program and hit Ctrl-V, which should make the screenshot pop up on the screen.
3. Save the screenshot somewhere in your computer.
4. Go to an image hosting site, such as or and upload the screenshot from your computer.
5. Send me a link to the screenshot via forum PM or post it in the round's thread.

-You can submit any number of screenshots. We will only count your last one. Do not submit any scores that are lower than previously submitted scores, or you will be credited with the lower score.

-Your screenshots must be from some time after the round starts. This means that you cannot submit a screenshot of a score you got months ago, or even the day before that round starts. If you are caught submitting an old screenshot (and you WILL be caught if you try) you will be immediately disqualified.

- If there is a tie, all those with the tie score who are on the elimination number will have to play the tie breaker song. You will have an extra 24 hours past the end of the round to submit your score on the tie breaker.

-If you do not submit a score by the end of the round, you will be considered to have gotten a score of negative infinity on the song. If multiple players tie with negative infinity points, will be used to determine who moves on.

-Don't bother trying to cheat, you'll be caught and immediately disqualified. Trying to secretly play in a lower division than you should be in by means of alternate accounts, or by any other means is CHEATING. Cheating will not be tolerated, and any evidence of cheating will result in disqualification. Also note that trying to piss me off by trying to bend the rules or trying to find loopholes will get you disqualified.

-We hold every right to ignore the entrance of certain individuals who we feel are more prone to the potential of cheating. If we say you can not participate, you can NOT participate. Our judgment on this is final and absolute.

-The time at which the round ends will be posted when the thread for that round is posted. After that time, the round is over and no more scores will be accepted.

After each round ends, I'll tally up the scores and post the results of who won, who lost, and the statistics of each score for each player at the start of the next round. If you lose once, you're eliminated.

Staff members may enter... but staff members may NOT win prizes (besides vROFL). If a staff member finishes in a prize spot, their prize will go to the person who finished directly below them.

Good luck and have FUN!

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