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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by ShadoWolfe View Post
Hah, that's funny 'cause I actually thought it'd be funny if someone tinfoiled into that while I was typing it, but figured anyone with a semi-decent grasp of the language would understand that "other options" here relates to "wonder who was gonna die".

What's even funnier is that it isn't either of the options you gave, though. It wasn't a slip, and the "poor vocabulary" comment doesn't apply either because my sentence made grammatical sense. If anything, you could try faulting my word choice, but that still wouldn't apply because the original syntax was not incorrect.

Learn to read, bruh

You knew it looked funny and that someone could take that the wrong way

Yet decided before you hit send anyway because for whatever reason you liked the word choice

Just to say I could fault you for bad word choice when you get called on it, which again you kind of already knew that and decided it was fine before so ???????????

Fuck my ability to read it's my lack of understanding how someone could do those things for those reasons that's making me question you

Originally Posted by YoshL View Post
Aye, i'm not saying to completely discount the assumption, just that it's not a very founded one. Given 20 players, and a mystery setup, shit happens. Even with a larger wolf team, you would expect more than 1 kp per night phase at the very least, otherwise the game would drag on til no tomorrow.

Another completely valid option is that some protective role landed a hit or something, however it's not really good at all for anyone to claim with something as insubstantial as like "hey guys i did xyz during the night and maybe this happened whoops i claimed"

and again, i'm not saying to not look at what charu was thinking, just that assuming that there's a guaranteed wolf in charu's wolfreads is also not really a good way to go about things. Of course, given like, general statistics, there's probably a chance that there may be one, and if there's one thing that ffr twg players don't do as often as they should, it's look at dead player's reads.

juckter was playing ffr quite a bit while not making any posts.

psychoangel also popped into the thread and didn't actually say much.


1: I like YoshL a little better now. Seems like he's calmed down and is trying.
2: Fuck those players too, but they each at least have one post or more IIRC.

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Originally Posted by roundbox View Post
Achievement unlocked: reading the setup
Originally Posted by TWG Mad Dummy (Neee) View Post
But, I mean, shado claimed to seer check his N0 on N4, so obvs there's some NEXT LEVEL SHIT going down..
Originally Posted by the sun fan View Post
I have beat my meat to storn's posts no less than four times
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