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Default Re: Weekly Batch Updates

Sunday, August 30, 2015 9:07 PM EST

Updates from last week:
- Set 3 Notes finished by lurker. Now all three Sets need one more set of notes.
- The last set of notes for Set 2 have been split up and assigned to lurker and ilikexd.
- Silvuh will not have access to a computer until September 3rd, in which he can start judging Set 3. The last set of notes for Set 3 might wind up being assigned to myself and Silvuh (split up similarly like Set 2 above).
- A new concept of a Batch site is in progress and a live demo should be available within the next two days. This demo is meant to retrieve feedback from stepartists to further define improvements for the concept of a Search Engine that will allow stepartists to quickly search for their current submissions and how many judgments their files have received.
- The Special Batch for 89+ difficulty files is still under discussion, and it is planned to open by the end of this week. The songlist for currently submitted files that fit the criteria for 89+ difficulty will be posted within the next two days.
- Changes in the Judgment System have been discussed between the GMs, and a new system is still being developed to improve the old system.

To Do

Set 3 Full Notes (2nd notes) - Unassigned
Judge Passed Files - Unassigned

9/8/15 Song Release
Determine two songs to be released - Dossar
Prepare song release (song info, thread, FPP) - Dossar

Batch Search Engine
Run live demo on cloud9

In Progress

Set 1 Full Notes (3rd notes) - Razor
Set 2 First Half Notes (1st notes) - lurker
Set 2 Second Half Notes (1st notes) - ilikexd

Put together hard song batch
Discuss opening the Special Batch - Dossar
Discuss difficulty spectrum increase idea - Dossar

Rework Judgment System
Discuss alternative judge method with GMs - Dossar

Batch Search Engine
Define Acceptance Criteria
Make parser to turn CSV into JSON
Implement site functionality


Set 1 Full Notes (1st notes) - ilikexd
Set 1 Full Notes (2nd Notes) - Silvuh
Set 2 Full Notes (2nd notes) - DarkZtar
Set 2 Full Notes (3rd notes) - gameboy42690
Set 3 Full Notes (1st notes) - lurker
Set 3 Full Notes (3rd notes) - gameboy42690

Put together hard song batch
Download and organize the batches - Silvuh
Run NPS generator through the batches - Silvuh
Determine current batch files for hard batch - Dossar
Determine high FGO+ files - OWA
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