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I forgot about this! Did you miss my questions? Did you miss me?

Originally Posted by Deadlyx39 View Post
Damn so many questions.
Is that a problem? Would you rather post an 'Ask Me Anything' where no-one asks you questions? Wouldn't that be redundant? Are you redundant for thinking like that?

1. Division 3 out of 7, with 7 being the best
Division of what? FFR? You must understand vagueness leads to confusion? For saying D3 makes me think of the Mighty Ducks movie, does it not make you think the same way? Don't you think that movie was lambasted a tad unfairly? I mean yes okay it had bad characters, plot, locations and cinematography but it was a real achievement in modern film-making, I mean it's the kind of 'loving the past' movie that Hugo wishes it could have been, no?

2. It's because of the style of music that he plays. I like that he can play so many different styles of guitar and multiple different instruments and it impresses me.
If multi-instrumentalists impress you, do you also like people such as Prince? On his debut album he played 27 instruments, would that be a sufficient amount for your tastes? Or is his music too suburban for your liking? How about someone like Steven Wilson? Or Mike Oldfield? Did you know Mike Oldfield created the main theme tune for the original exorcist movie? It was on his debut album Tubular Bells. He's rather fond of it, it's been re-released about a dozen times. On that album he plays Acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, Farfisa, Hammond B3,[38] and Lowrey organs, flageolet, fuzz guitars, glockenspiel, "honky tonk" piano, mandolin, piano, percussion, "taped motor drive amplifier organ chord", timpani, vocals, and tubular bells. Would this be enough to make you want to listen to it? Or would it not work if he wasn't wearing a bucket over his head?

3. There is other options, however none of the available options to me would be consistent enough for me to improve.
Is remaining consistently on par with your current level not better than regressing to a worse state? You seem stuck on 'improving'? I mean Usain Bolt is constantly trying to improve but if you told him 'would you rather give up because you can't break your 100m 9.58s record or continue to win events' I'm pretty sure he would choose to keep performing whenever possible and winning events. And he's a winner. Do you not want to be a winner?

4. Most common question is "Who are you again?"
And who exactly are you again?

5. Origin Story
You appear quite submissive, do you often go along with other people's ideas without imposing your own thoughts? You would be an office manager's top candidate, is that what you're after, career-wise?

6. No sir, I had no say in what year I was born in.
Do you often act defeatist? Is time travel really such an impossible concept? I feel if we were only more positive we would solve it, no?

7. I might. It would be nice to take a trip to Canada again. Last time I went was when I was 2, so that would be fun.
Just Canada? No other countries? There's quite a lot out there if you weren't aware? I know that ocean looks deceptively large, and don't get me wrong it really is, but if you keep paddling did you know you would hit land? Lots of land. Like, millions of people worth of land. Would that not be exciting to explore?

8. This is jolly good 'ol fun. I don't really think of my post count as something that matters unless I had 1 or 2 thousand posts at the least.
Do you often speak in circular logic? 'I don't care about my post count unless I had more but I can't have more unless I care but I can't care without more...' At least I can determine that I'm not replying to a robot, so thanks for that, unless your head exploded when you wrote that? Are you a replacement? Please, tell me if the human resistance has survived? WE DIDN'T MEAN TO HARM YOUR MOTHERBOARD PLEASE, FORGIVE US!?

9. She just stopped playing it. I got her into StepMania around Christmas time, but she doesn't play FFR anymore.
Do you think she still thinks of you as a brother? Or as 'that guy who forced me out of FFR and into this StepMania thing with the complicated note skins and too many IDM songs'? Why at Christmas, was it your gift to her because you didn't want to spend money on a real present? Are you like those cheap people who make cards instead of buying them because 'handmade is more personal'?
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