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Originally Posted by Deadlyx39 View Post
A D3 player with very limited talent. As to why you should care, I'm not really sure.
What is D3? Apart from a bad roll of the dice.

I chose to have Buckethead in my avatar because I love his style of music and his guitar playing. That, and because I don't think there's many other people that have released dozens of albums every year.
John Zorn, Senmuth and Omar Rodríguez-López off the top of my head. And even though I like Zorn and Omar, I still wouldn't recommend their entire discography because they release too much and some of it is samey. Is Buckethead not the same?

It's because of the school that I go to currently. The high school that I go to is an extremely challenging school, but I no longer wish to go to this school, and would rather go back to the normal high school I would have originally gone to. The school provides us laptops, and I have no other computer that I would have access to play FFR or SM anymore until I find a way to get a new computer.
You should kickstarter/patreon your way to laptop ownership. Or go to a local library? Or join a club that uses computers? I'm sure there are alternatives, no?

It was made because I've wanted to know if anybody had any questions about me that they just never asked before I stopped playing.
Did people ask you questions while you played? What was your most interesting question? What was the most common question?

For TSR's tourney back in February I partnered up with mrpreggers and this happened, and it just stuck
I need to wear glasses and I still can't read this without putting my nose to the screen. Why is it so small?

The anti-aging elixir did wonders on me.
Anti-aging /= decrease in age, it merely prevents the appearance. Did you really drink an elixir?

Not really sure why, just always have since I was born.
Do you plan on travelling when you get older (or when the elixir wears off and they stop asking you for your parents permission to travel?)

I think my post count is fine. An average of >1 a day seems fine. Just seemed like a fun thing to do.
Are you finding this fun so far? Why is your post count fine, do you not aspire to more?

Originally I actually started playing on FFR in 2008 on an account I made with my sister, but I stopped playing in 2009. I came back on and off since then and decided to make this profile when I started school in September.
What happened to your sister, did she also make a new account? Or did she grow bored of FFR? Does she embarrass you now, is that it? Or do you need your independence?

Why not?
Not why. Why?

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