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Default Re: Easy Batch Notes

Judge: VisD

Alien Blues [**8.5/10]
15.300 to differentiate from previous jump pairs like these PR-wise, [13]?
25.096 would just go for the 24th here - slowed it down to 10% and this 32nd is a bit early on the peak + extraneous coloring
28.391 PR on these 3 jumps a bit awkward - it's ABA with B higher than A
**31.300 Starting in this part these white notes are a bit confusing. The first one on the 4 is pretty clear, then the two after that don't seem to go to anything except the percussion, which you've been consistently ignoring and also
ignore shortly after this (e.g. 33.482). In particular the fastest jack in this file goes to the [u] jack at 31.846 created by the white note just above it, which is comparatively intense for something that isn't all that prominent.
32.391 seems to go to the bass? That's also okay, but then you do ignore this stuff earlier on, so idk. The 3 white notes at 32.936 on: are these to the percussion? It's also very faint - I think you might be stepping to the drum
very far in the background but the 1st white note should probably be disjointed from the 2nd one in that case; the 3rd one is suuuuuper quiet and I'm not sure I'd step it at all.

In general this couple of seconds felt a bit strange to play to me.**

40.846 missing a note somewhere here for the alieny synth thing
1.21.493 thoughts on moving these 3 notes up to 234 for better PR with the subsequent notes?
1.45.805 i hear this but it feels a bit mean...ok though.

Solid file. Just the 192nds bit that I couldn't really get. Please take a 2nd look at that bit, otherwise excellent stuff

This file feels like it might be harder than 50, but not so much so that it shouldn't be judged for this batch. Part of that is the patterning - some of the transitions and patterning are a little mean for the difficulty at which
this is supposed to be pitched at (the OHT at the very end, the bit starting 38.185). But technically on point, I actually didn't really see anything to point out other than personally smoothing out some of the difficulty curve,
but that's clearly a personal decision

Child Protective Services Theme Song [9/10]
21.696 missing note
24.318 ^ - if you're missing these intentionally for some reason, feels a bit weird since you're still layering jumps on them elsewhere
1.21.106, 1.21.649, the 3 16ths starting 1.22.291: personal decision, but given the climax of this section I'd fill in these 16ths, doesn't make it that much harder and the climax is still retained with the current patterning

Feels like a case study in how to properly take more complex/denser rhythms and break them down into easier patterns that still retain their original musical identity

Darkside [8/10]
41.649 this bit of PRing sticks out bc it's the end of the section, and noticeably the lowest note over the last measure or so, yet it's an R. Would play around with the patterns here to make it an [L] or [D]
45.049 move to L for PR? (Shared column with the previous note with no common thing)
1.10.094 why is this the point at which you start the minijacks? The two notes here are melodically distinct. 71.427 is a great place to star thtem however
1.25.149 this grace note is after the 4th, not before
2.05.048 would move this off U for the same reason as 45.049
I will say that the last section does a feel a bit repetitive (it even has the same minijack starting thingy at 2.24.760 as was pointed out at 1.10.094, and the grace note thing as well). I suspect that this will only be more
noticeable for more advanced players, however, and newer players that this chart is pitched at will probably have a fun and engaged time throughout the whole thing. Nice.

Elesis Theme [Future Bass Remix] [8/10]
19.455 [34][34][12] for PR?
22.212 this may take a bit of patterning around, but it'd be nice if e.g. the jump to the kick here didn't share the exact same jump as the one to the clap at 21.564. For bonus points, it could, however, share the same jump as 21.401,
the kick immediately prior. (You don't need to be super rigid about this - but consistency within the span of the same couple of beats or even measure would be nice and noticed by newer players, I think.)

I won't keep pointing that out, but PTAL at that ^ and repeats.

22.050, 25.131 I know what you're stepping these notes too, but they are pretty faint/undistinguishable as repeats. I'd remove things like these and only step the really obvious, clearly defined synth notes. You can keep the ones
that fall on the background piano (like 21.726), that makes a lot of sense.
32.428 - see this one I'm okay with, because there's a clear lilt/modulation in the note here.
37.293 missing piano

41.996 I get what's happening here, I think the overall effect is kinda weird to play through though. You end up sort of having a jumptrilly [24][13][24]31[24]3[124] when the drums are going down and the sound effect on the 4ths
are all going down. I'd play around with the patterning here a bit to make this feel better. For more freedom, may want to remove the 32nds and just color the 4ths as some other color to express that sound. The bit at 44.591 feels much better to play.

45.564 - this segment changes up what it's following about 3 times in 5 seconds. At 45.564 for the first 4 notes you follow the background melody on the 8th; at 46.212 you drop it for the foreground melody; at 47.023 you cut back to
the background wubwubwubs. I know you're trying to follow along what's the most interesting and prominent at this point, which is a sensible philosophy, but this feels like too many changes in too short a span of time to make sense
in the player's head. At 48.483 and on you now layer all of these together.

1.00.483 - good job on this bit, very nice
1.12.806 - missing 4th for the wub, 1.13.292 should disconnect from this chain instead
This whole last section is excellently done, wow.

Nice file - has more technical questions than the other files in this set I've judged, but at the same time the file itself also has more range in what it does, thanks to the music.
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