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Originally Posted by SNOWLEGEND View Post
I don't know if what I'm going to suggest has already been said but what the hell.

Make Multi Multiplayer:
So multiplayer is right now a 2 player mode (1v1). But we could make it a multiple player mode where 3-8 players could play at the same time. We could also make it where there are teams (2v2 or 3v3) and the winning team is of course by how many points in total you have.

Flagging or marking songs:
There has been a lot of times where i wanted to play a song again because i loved the song to pieces but i couldn't remember the name of it for my life. But if you could mark a song somehow after playing it then this wouldn't really be a problem. On top of that everyone has songs they want to beat eventually. This could be a way to make sure you can play the song again when your ready without having to risk forgetting the title, especially if you only played the song once or twice. (plus with 2000+ songs your bound to forget some of your old favorites, you wont anymore with this.)

Making songs/Song of the week/month:
So kind of like what it says. You pick a song that you want to do. Create a step file for it and submit it to the professional artist and step file makers on this game. (idk what else to call them sorry). After a week or a month of submissions they would go through each song and pick the best one or five songs and implement them in the game. It could be an awesome way to get a lot more songs without making all the creators do it. Plus I'm sure there a TONS of songs people want in this game.

So that's all i could think of really. Again if any of these were already suggested then sorry DX but all of these i think would help the game and be really cool to toy around with.
Thanks for all your suggestions, SNOWLEGEND. Let's see!

8+ User Multiplayer is someplace deep in our suggestions list. This feature is not possible at the moment, but your interest helps us know this is actively wanted.

Favorites have been frequently suggested, and it's one of the most likely singleplayer features to be worked on next. Filtering and sorting has greatly improved since 2016, and we know this would be a good next step.

edit: For now, you can loosely filter by your personal song rating (stars) until such a genre exists!

Your final suggestion reminds me of the stepcons which have been hosted on FFR and DragonsFury. Our last stepcon was hosted in 2014, so maybe we are due for another. I'll keep your suggestion in mind as part of a possible accompaniment to the Songs of the Week.

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