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Default Re: Opinion on 255 BPM 32nds?

Originally Posted by xXOpkillerXx
The video preview looks quite messy I approve. The bursts shouldnt be bursts and the roll wall makes no sense
Like I said I changed it, even I wasn't sure of it at all, plus, I'm not even specifically trying to make an unbelievably hard file anyway.

That's how I changed it: (last part isn't fully stepped yet, but you can see by the jumps what I meant by the jumps following the melody) (okay, enough memeing, that's the real link:

Originally Posted by xXOpkillerXx View Post
If the game is dead for you there's no way I'm convincing you to play it anymore.
Pretty sure he meant it more as there aren't enough top-tier competitive players on FFR to justify going out of our way to make those 110+ files.

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