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Originally Posted by Soundwave- View Post
Considering, it's probably a smart idea for me to start opening qualities until I have the 3 T12's, since that'll take like, forever.

Trading up to T12's isn't allowed but can you purchase them with fragments?
Somehow the cap was left off when I redid the description in the OP - it's supposed to be capped at T11 for fragments.

Edit:// I'm not sure what's faster, getting your first T12 in a card pack, or collecting all public tier 11 cards honestly lol. The odds of pulling a T12 are very low, you may be better off focusing on the rest of the collection first. It's entirely up to you, though.

In general, the more cards you get in a pack, the expected value falls off sightly. So packs that fill your general collection more quickly have a lower "card value" payout than the quality pack. The recent buffs were to even this gap out a bit so the difference wasn't so stark. Before, it was still technically more beneficial to always get quality packs and then trade down for the cards you needed because of the steep decline in expected value. Now it's a much more manageable trade-off: the packs that give more cards still have less expected value from the pack, but the 'penalty' is lower than before.

Like for me, I've been going with Standard plus because my goal is to complete a genre of cards, and I need that extra card to trade with other players. It's a middle ground pack because it still has much better odds than a standard pack to pull a T12 card (6x better, whereas Quality has 7.5x the base odds to pull a T12), but you get an extra card out of it.

Part of me has been debating whether to have a pack that has a better chance at a Tier 12 card, but lower expected value than the other Tier 3 packs, but for now I just buffed the packs that give the most cards. Without that buff, the better choice would have been to always open quality and trade down for what you need. Now it's more of a calculation to your personal goals with your collection.

I hope that makes sense.

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