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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by storn42 View Post
Lyncher eh? Well that's funny cus i was thinking the same thing.

I'd like to talk about tokzic. He seems to fit that inactive thing you're going for with only 23 posts., and more importantly I'd like to talk about his vote on me. Ifor you read back to it, it actually feels quite forced. He just "has a strong gut read" on how woofy I'm being. I can see this being a world where he rolled lyncher and me the lynched, or even simply him being a woof and trying to fake reads on people like me. But even so as he has this strong read on me in the end he goes and votes for xel. He jumps on that wagon for seemingly no reason despite his read on me.
still trying to reconcile this with you not really worrying about being read wolf, because it seems like this vote got to you right from the start when you called it the grossest of gut reads

tbf though i'm reading that sentiment through a charu filter
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