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Default Re: why do people hate on osu!mania??

People hate o!m becuase it has some unfamilliar features, as a o!m maina, when I came to ffr, ln's, and the even for other vsrg's, the having to let go at end of ln was what I was used to (although tbf getting used to ln's for 1st was weird af) anyways, people get lag case by case... yes the rankings usually suck, although in my 1.5yr+ of playing I've found quite a lot of good maps, and there's a bunch of good unranked maps... and people who complained 7k dominates: there's 4k maps, so yeah no, they don't there' plenty of 4k only players rank 400+. As for difficulty rating, yeah no, that's fk'ed, the devs don't care for it, so yeah... it's just a mess there... but I can't blame em, they have to focus on fixing the main game mode std (standard) and not making jumps give too much pp (and as of rn they're making new client with new revamp etc). (EDIT: Skinning portion is also your opinion, and again depends on what you're used to, and your skills/patience) Next, skinning a skin I find much simpler... although my experience with ffr skinning is practically nothing... o!m skinning is quite simple once you understand each element, as it's name based, and even the skin.ini file is easy to understand. You also can't say it's just anime moaning etc. because you could easilly make your own, even ifyou don't wanna take the time to make each element yourself, you could copy paste .png/.jpg and rename to make em for the specific element you want... including hitsounds (and colors if you don't like the colors because they're "to bright". It's skinning, you make it however you want.) Now as for only being able to scroll one way without plug in's...yeah that sucks for yall... i got used to it so I could say the same about other games which don't include scroll like o!u. It's just something the devs didn't consider when making the gamemode, and if it really bothers you, with the new client I'm willing to bet you could make an argument to make them include both. Then punishment for missing... yeah no, there's different hp, so if you're playing easier maps, the hp is rlly fking forgiving (usually, because you get to manually set this when mapping) and then harder ones have worse hp than any ffr map I've seen... plus the difficulty of the maps in o!u range to being more difficult than any ffr map I've played... I'd be willing to bet I can pass any ffr map... yet ik I can barely pass a few 6*'s. If you want a good example of a good o!u map, aiae waffles shd. Now, this I have problems with ffr would be: no ln's... can also give me lag with timings and honestly... I've had just as many problems w/ ffr as o!u. (and I've played o!u a lot more) and then song selection and maps are limited severely (although I can't blame them.) (addition I just remembered seeing in an arguement: yeah, people praise any decent player, because o!u is more popular rn than ffr, and people who are just new to the game are going to praise anyone they think is 1/2 decent... that would be the same for ffr if ffr was more popular. And if you want to attack me that ffr is more popular I'm going to have to say, based on active players... and total player count... o!m is still more popular, which is probably in part due to std mode and then advertisement (advertisement as in people showing off, usually are ones showing off o!u skills, and i'd say there's less ffr vids recently than o!u... especially with the "talent show" crap that a lot of the decent o!u players hate because 1/2 of em are intermediate players pretending to be good.))

Considering all of that, there's really no reason to hate either game... it's made for each game's player base, and if the game's not for you, it's not for you... both games have just as many problems, and just as many community issues (if you account for scale).

To answer this threads question: people will hate it because people don't like what they're not used to and then there's people who don't enjoy the game... and there's toxic/manipulative people who'll get new players and intermediate players etc. to agree with their toxic ideas while making it so they don't form their own conclusions.

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