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Default Re: Tokens and Rates

I tend to believe that the reason why rates above 1 doesn't record right now is because there's currently no "rates leaderboard" or any form of tracking yet for this.
If that structure takes place and they decide that rates above 1 should record for scoring, it makes sense to believe that the same will be true for token unlocks.

Is there enough insensitive to want to do this ?

How could it work ? How do you consolidate AAA equivalency with rates ? Is it strictly for allowing players to AAA easier songs ?
Could it be for "speedrunning" reasons ? Is there more to this ?
etc. etc.

Originally Posted by SK8R43 View Post
If they recorded it would make farming grand total and getting credits WAY easier and faster which is something they would have to keep in mind as well.
It's already recording grandtotal and credits.
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