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Default Re: Hand positioning

its all preference my dude, but what i did is pull off all the keys except the ones i use to play so i can easily move my setup wherev whenev. taking all the keys off helps with not getting ur fingers trapped between keys as well.

recently i've been playing around at the top of the kb stuff like QWOP, ERIO, 1290 ect. It feels more comfy then AS;' imo bc ur wrists are quite as angled. I tend to slip forward not backward on my keys so playing at the top helps control that somewhat.

Also what helps me when my fingers are just feeling hella weird is to smoke lol then i forget all about my hands and just hit the keys to the music.

A staggered setup might feel more comfy to u... like AZ/' instead of AS;' personally I could never get used to it but some ppl like it.

gl meng, if u play everyday after awhile it should come naturally to u. i think.

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