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Default Re: Recommend me some 2020 albums halp

Originally Posted by choof View Post
did you ever listen to everywhere at the end of time
Only Stages 3 and 6:
Day 413: Everywhere At The End Of Everything, Part 3 by The Caretaker

So this is apparently some of the best ambient of the year. I'm doing this three-part series of albums in scattered backwards order because

1. This one has the best ratings
2. Part one is from 2016
3. Fuck you

This was rather different from what I was expecting, based on my preconceptions of what constitutes "ambient" and "turntablism". This consists mostly of piano playing chopped up, swirled around and run through filters to make it sound wax cylinder lo-fi. Not the atmosphere I tend to go for when searching for either of those genres, but it's not bad!

Apparently, this is supposed to sound like dementia. I definitely read that some time ago on RYM but I had forgotten it until I was about halfway through the album. With that context in mind... the hell? If anything that just makes it seem more kitsch with all the 1910s ballroom atmosphere. This predated Bojack Horseman season 4 but that felt like a better, more tasteful portrayal of dementia than this. And you guys should KNOW I'm a sucker for context (A Crow Looked At Me is a case where the depressing backstory worked except this one isn't nearly as "What the Jesus fuck..." tragic).

As one long piece this is rather enjoyable, yet oddly enough the tracks are mostly very same-y. Different chords and everything yeah but the mood and minimalism here is oppressive, though not necessarily in a bad way. It's also now dawning on me why I should listen to this in order... Nah fuck you.

Anyways, solid enough although the horn-y (hurrhurrhurrhurr) mood gets old after a while and it's hard to pick a best track. I'll listen to the others parts eventually, maybe. This gimmick is still trash, though.

Best Track: Gradiation of Arms Length or Mournful Cameraderie
Rating: 6/10
Day 619: Everywhere at the End of Time - Stage 6 by The Caretaker (Album Choice: choof)

Did I review one of these earlier? Lemme check.

I did. It was the third one. Either way, go read up on the story behind these albums if you want, but I'm jumping straight into the most recent part because 2019, and because I want to see how it holds without the context.

I barely remember what the other one sounded like, but I do remember how it had far more tracks, with this one only having 4 pieces. And compared to the more obviously sample-based work displayed on that earlier album, this one is far more minimalist and seemingly focused on soundscapes, or really just, like, static. The final track is absolutely gorgeous, but with the other ones I get the sense I really should've listened to this whole project lol

Oh well, one day I will listen to the whole thing as intended. For now, ehh

Best Track: Place In The World Fades Away
Rating: 6/10
I'd still suggest listening to Stage 5 over any of the other stages if you're planning on reviewing just one stage.
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