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Default Re: 365 Reviews Done

Originally Posted by rayword45 View Post
Day 370: Serial Experiments Tangela by Love Through Cannibalism (Album Choice: Trogdor!!!)

This one is enjoyable, but not one I'd ever call a favorite. Emotionally it comes off as too cold and impersonal, yet I can sense some attempts at injecting feelings (or just trying to sound more like an old Pokemon game). I'd prefer either more aggression (because the drums go fast (hurrhurrhurr) but the melodies clash) or more soft, sweet moments. Nice and concise, my favorite rhyme, and the conclusion is fantastic.

Revisit? Maybe. WOW my English is getting worse every fucking day. Catch The 5th Annual Live On Cinema Oscar Special this Sunday!

Best Track: Recover (Requiem)
Rating: 6/10
I totally forgot about this but yes Recover is the best
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