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Default Submissions Reopened For FMO/FGO Simfiles ONLY

We closed normal submissions earlier this month because the game was getting way too crowded with simfiles, and the queue is still huge right now. Submissions for normal sims won't be open for at least a few months.

But as the subscribers know, theres a FFR beta update that has eliminated av-misses. Meaning, all songs in the game that are Challenging and up are going to feel a great deal easier to combo and possibly score well on if you're skilled.

This also means that your simfiles CAN HAVE JACKS IN THEM. As many as you want, as fast as you want. Just make sure they're actually going to the music.

Because of this, we're going to reopen simfile submissions ONLY FOR For Masters Only and For Gurus Only simfiles. We're now looking for sims that are a great deal harder than the FGO songs we currently have in the game. You could say we're asking for simfiles that are 14 out of 12 in difficulty.

So go step something that has a really high bpm or step something that would have a ton of hard jumpstream or jacks or anything!! Just no hands and of course freezes. Those are your only restrictions

We're probably going to have an FMO/FGO week sometime in the next month or two, so we want at least 14 nice and hard FMO/FGO songs for this event.

Have fun jacking up your simfiles on steroids. And don't make them crappy, we're judging these files pretty strictly.
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