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Default Re: you know you suck at ffr if you... IF YOU FINISH READING THIS YOU SEE THAT I SUCK

Originally Posted by khalid123 View Post
Well Im Gonna Give You It Up Front

You Know You Suck At Ffr If You Stay On The Same Song For More Than A Week With Out Getting Atleast All Perfect

You Know You Suck If Your Still Doing Very Easy After 2 Weeks Of Play

You Know You Suck If You Get 20+ Boos Or Miss In A Game

You Know You Suck If You Have Played 50 Games And Have Less Than 100 Credits

Therefore I Suck
LOLOLOLOLOL true dat XD im jk hahah my first week i was still on biginner and now look at me i can do very challenging and full combo it with less then 100 goods :]]] same with some FMO uhhh 50 games 100 credit rofl i have a new account with 170 games played 3k on it rofl

Originally Posted by darkshark View Post
Everyone sucks at this game. The second you think you're good is the second you stop trying to get better.
Im good at this game...i think im good and when i look at you i go HOLY CRAP! and i see im not lol but then again im not going to stop trying to improve since im not even close to rank 1 spot or battling with you >.< i may never get there but im going to try for it..if it takes me 3 years im on year one still :]]]

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