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Default Re: R^3 Air 1.0.0 ALPHA Test

so, this version is giving me issues and i was told to do a writeup so here i go:

this version was giving me very noticeable stuttering in every song i played (particularly when there were many notes on the screen at once). also, when i started a song, sometimes the game would feel like it was running at 30 fps until i quit out and restarted it (also, i disabled the vsync thing mentioned in the nvidia control panel before using it).

here is a view of the profiler on this version (was told to include it):

dxdiag stuff (cpu didnt show up for some reason, but it's an i5-6600k, not oc'd):

the issues i had with this version did not happen when i used the version of air i normally use (whatever the most up to date one is), and the version of air i used ran very very well compared to this. if there's any more info required
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