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Default Re: 2019 September/October Set 3

A Single Atom (Qrrbrbirbel) [5/10]
-m3 beats 3-4. 4 note sequence that is '1, 4, 3, 2' should be flipped. Should be '4, 1, 2, 3'
-m5 - The 64th notes. Probably shouldn't be there. It sounds like there are 6 notes in that spot, not 8. Same thing at m7, m9
- The doubles every 8th note from m21-m29 I would redo that section. There is a pattern with the music that would make that part more enjoyable to play if done right.
- Not really necessary to keep the notes continuing after the start of m59. I get the pattern but the music is too low to justify it.

Autoprocess (Ghost_Medley) [8/10]
- OCD triggering green notes aside, I understand every note and layering decision. All technically accurate, and this gets a pass from me. Accepted

Badboy (AutotelicBrown) [7/10]
- Very good file. Only thing I can really think of is to consider adding hands during the most intense, active parts to spice it up even more. Or maybe singular prominent notes in the song like m25 beat 3, m26 beat 3, m28 beat 1, m29 beat 4, etc. You already essentially do hands with the bpm tricks in parts during these sections, keep doing it at spots that merit it. Accepted

Coconut Aventure (suicidaln00b) [9/10]
- I believe most if not all of the 24th streams/bursts are actually 32nds but maybe you watered them down for the sake of ease of play? I'm fine with it, but maybe if there is a hard file batch soon this could be held and "fixed" for that.
- Only thing I don't like is the 24th stream starting at m93. It's mostly in the music but the volume of the music doesn't justify the file to continue since the music is phasing out. Just add a yellow '12' after the blue at the start of m93 and it's good. Accepted if m93 stream is removed

Crystallized Silver (FFR Pro 21) [6/10]
- m50, if you're going to commit to the double on the 8th note at the beginning, do the same for the very first note of the measure.
- The doubles with 48th after you should make into the glissandos that they are. 48th burst starting at the yellow note and ending on the red. More fun to play and more accurate to the music. This applies to each instance of this in the file
- The part between m54 and m58 still sounds hectic with the music. That would be a good opportunity to keep pace with a difficult section to play, especially coming off a 24th stream. That 4 measure section feels like it should have more to it.
- This file is close but needs this work.

Eiketsu He Tsureru (Coolboyrulez0 & Elekton) [7/10]
- m27 beat 1. Missed a short 32nd stream. Same with m31 beat 1, m44 beat 1, m45 beat 1, and more sections. The rest of the chart is consistent enough with the 32nds where there should be nothing missed.

Fast Fissue (choof) [7.5/10]
- There's nothing wrong with it really. Going to pass it but I want other judge opinions on the playability and likability of the file. To me it feels like one of those unsteppable songs that people wouldn't enjoy playing because of the music. File itself is fine.

Fernando (choof) [9/10]
- A little bit of the same song issue as Fast Fissue but this one is much easier to envision enjoyment. Accepted

Identity Part 5 (Reshiram) [9/10]
- Missed some minijacks in the middle of m30
- The parts with mini jacks at m47 and 48 are the same sound as the 4 note jack at the end of m49. Keep that consistent. My advice would be to make the longer jack two mini jacks. Or remove all 3 since there aren't really any other jacks in that area of the song. It makes sense when you do it at the beginning of the song, but the same sound is playing on all 3 of the instances here.
- Great file. Accepted

Indian Summer (LeKrispyKreme) [4/10]
- The blue note thing you do a couple times at the beginning of the song is way off. They should be red notes and those sections should be redone.
- Most of the rest of the file lacks creativity. The 16th patterns are all the same. You miss opportunities all over the music to make the file better than what it currently is.

Ko Mu no Kamisama (Elekton) [7/10]
- Missing some doubles at times. Yellow note at m4 beat 3, m8 beat 2. m12 beat 2. From m5 to m13 you could get away with having doubles on every or almost every red note. It makes sense to.
- Missing doubles at m29 beat 3, m31 beat 3, m32 beat 3, m33 beat 3, m37 beat 2, m38 beat 2.
- You might be doing this on purpose to make the file easier at spots and to have us play the file to the other sounds going on but it would be a better file with doubles included at all of these spots. This will be accepted if this work is done. It's a good file.

Monogoloid Alian (ositzxz369) [8/10]
- The minijacks in the first 20 seconds of the song feel weird to play. They sound like they're in the music but they might not be very necessary to start out a file. Just a consideration.
- Some missed opportunities with doubles in some spots. m43 beat 3, m44 beat 2, m47 beat 1 and beat 3. m50 beat 3, m51 beat 2 and beat 4. More spots - usually at the ends of short streams. Could be intentional, maybe not. I think it would make the file a little bit better but it is technically good as is. Accepted

Secret Zombie Room v2 (Devonin) [9/10]
- Seems to be a weird theme with me, but missing doubles at m9 beat 1 to start off the next section of the song. You did it when the song repeats at m17 but not at m9
- I'd suggest removing the doubles at m27 beat 3, m28 beat 1 and 3. Those are fine being single notes. Same at m31 beat 3, m39 beat 3
- Should add a double at m57 beat 1 to help signify the ending part of the song.
- Technically better in every way than the original file. Though based on the requirements of when I previously did this 10 whole years ago, a v2 of a file needed to be drastically different in terms of difficulty. I'm going to assume that's thrown out the window now? I don't know. Accepted

Shotgun Senorita (XelNya) [9/10]
- The 32nd stream that ends in '212' at the beginning is weird. All of the other streams don't have that difficult one handed end to the bursts (for spread players). Consider changing for consistency.
- Extra 32nd at m80 beat 4? Doesn't need to be there
- Consider changing some patterns in the 8th note spot at m91-m93. You could get away with it with the way the music is.
- Accepted but consider the changes.

Snowblind (TC_Halogen) [9/10]
- Missed doubles at m25 beat 1 and beat 3 maybe? I get why you did it
- Purple note at m40 beat 2 should be blue and the cyan note before it should probably be red. Less certain on the cyan.
- Some OCD triggering green note syndrome at the end? Guess its fine. Accepted

Accepted 10/15 files god what have I become

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