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Default Re: New FFR Features ?

Originally Posted by XxXMetalheadXxX View Post
Its already been talked about on discord amongst Velocity (who's willing to implement it if it is wanted) and a few others but adding new stat bars to profiles such as Pass, SDGs, omniflags, etc. I wanted to atleast bring it up here incase those on discord didnt see it and could add value to this in any regards. As Devonin mentioned that the Passing would be useful to track towards the achievement/support token that requires playing every song. I feel like if it were a new addition it would give the ability to give ourselves a daily, weekly or, monthly goal to achieve for ourselves.
Yes, and I agree too. I have implemented SDG bar for profile yesterday, and the tracking will be done once Velo goes over the game engine.

For the Passes bar, I'll work on that, but that'll likely be the last stat bar. I feel like AAAs, SDGs, FCs, PASSES, TPs are enough and more would make the UI cluttered.
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