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Default Re: Nov/Dec 2019 Set 1

Originally Posted by Not devonin View Post
I've listened to it with the 8ths as submitted, and with it moved to a 16th where you noted, and I must be missing something in my auditory processing of it because they sound -super- off shifted down, and exactly right where I put them.

Since it's accepted as-is, I'm going to keep it as-is without those two arrows shifted.

Do you need me to resubmit the file with the comma in the artist name changed to the dash, or can you guys do that on your end? I know fixing out property issues isn't your job, but it's a comma. I can reupload if it's an issue.

Thanks for the notes and the score
reupload would be the safest bet, but I'm hopeful that my notes get a glance-over and corrected for it. If not, it's not the end of the world. There are plenty of songs in-game currently that have little things here and there in the song author's name that are off.
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