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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

High FGO Special Batch - Phase 1


High-Priestess, Maniera v2, Nest, Odd22, where is my balls

Lead Judge: One Winged Angel
Color: Dark Red for notes, Light Red for responding to reviewer comments.
Other comments: First and foremost I'm going to preface my notes saying that I'm mainly going to focus on patterning and playability. I feel that at this difficulty level, as long as there are no glaring simfiling errors (which I will point out as I come across them), if the file is playable and structurally enjoyable (no massive difficulty spikes or stale patterning, etc.), it is probably good enough to be accepted into the queue. Nitpicking over PR, better potential layering schemes, and other 'subjectivemania' bs, especially at this difficulty level, would result in very few files from this batch making it into FFR.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Green for notes, Light Green for providing comments to the lead judge.

[8*/10] High-Priestess {Luxion} (hi19hi19)
- aarrghh I feel like I've told you what's gay and what's cool about most of your submissions on skype already do I really need to write stuff out
- 7.02, 16.81: No hand, yet there was a hand at the very beginning?
- those jumpgluts are going to piss some people off but I like them
- that jack section is going to piss some people off but I like it

- Actually from what I saw the jack patterning in the second half was thought out very well.
- 73.15: This song sounds like a sequel to Purgatorium

- quite a significant difficulty spike with the ending section here (probably more than intended?), even with the jumpglut and jack sections beefing up the rest of the file's difficulty a good amount (specifically 133.013 onwards, the first half of the ending section is quite a bit more manageable than the patterning in the second half, and I believe it's largely due to the 32nd streams here ending on split jumps as opposed to mostly one handed jumps in the first half)
- 133.06: The 3/32nd jacks on the down arrow back-to-back makes this section incredibly choppy
- ending offset 16th jack leading into split roll is very gay
- Going to the above, the jack makes the up-arrows prone to missing or early-good rushing. Another thing I noticed is that the up 12th at 141.91 is likely to give a late good with the rest of the area AAA’d, so some repatterning here could help.
- still incredibly fun for its difficulty, hoping the patterning can be cleaned up a bit (no need to outright remove 32nds, just improve flow if possible)
- For the most part this file is solid although the 3/32nd jack issue in some of the 32nd rolls makes those parts in the second half very choppy. I think an 8/10 could work here with a CQ flag to clean up the large number of hidden 3/32nd jacks in the 32nd rolls, and potentially change that ending as well.

[3/10] Maniera v2 {Musical Masterpiece} (0)
- mfw this file
- several sections have anchored jumpjack patterns that are at a high enough bpm to require vibration in order to PA properly (28.983, 29.560...), which is something we want to avoid
- the coloured flams are quite hilarious, +1

- 32.27: NOPE
- 57.829 ayyyyyyyy
- 59.68: NOPE
- 61.868 AYYYYYYYY
- We’re not trying to play Ducky’s 250 BPM Edit at 208 BPM
- good hot 24th polystream
- even assuming the file is some technical Simfiling Masterpiece, it's far too difficult for FFR even with the intended difficulty expansion (the aim was for the highest difficulty to still be DDG'able by the top 15 or 20 players, and I don't see that happening here), and vibrating is stressed at several points
- but I won't give it a 1 because I still had a good laugh ty 0

- This file doesn’t provide anything more than the ingame Maniera, it just integrates more jacks/jumpgluts and terrible patterning.

[7*/10] Nest {Cardboard Box} (lurker)
- this file's really fucking fun for the most part
- the 24th trills starting and ending on jumps are massive bootraps, I'd consider changing them to split rolls instead...but they're still doable, so fuck it I guess they're alright with me but lets see what Dossar says

- On the note of 24th trills, 20.03 is an example of how the trills should be stepped. The chiptune bursts don’t end on the 4th after, they end before. So having any 4-note 12th jacks here is wrong to begin with.
- What this file suffers from is a “layer everything” mindset. I can see the hands staying for the 222 BPM sections as this file does provide a nice opportunity for dense 16th jumpstreaming at a reasonably fast speed, although this density continuing at the 333 BPM 12th section causes a tremendous spike.
- 75.83: No hands in this section yet there were hands back in 32.63

- despite the rest of the file still being quite difficult, that middle section (78.197 - 96.197) is a MASSIVE spike and results in a pretty frustrating difficulty curve for scoring (I'm failing to SDG the file due to that section alone while AAA'ing everything else quite comfortably)
- if the rest of the file's difficulty was on par or closer to the difficulty reflected at this section, it wouldn't be a problem, but the equivalent of 250bpm 16th semi-dense handstreaming with bursts is a fuckton harder than everything else present
- I know you probably don't want to but I think you'd have to water down that section in order for this to be queued, since the rest of the file can't really be beefed up
- the 16th burst patterning here should be cleaned up a lot, many patterns (including a good handful of one hand minitrills) are forcing 8th minijacks that are ramping up the difficulty astronomically
- I'd also stick to strictly jumpstream, the hands are overkill

- For a summary of the above, removing the hands in the section from 78.197 - 96.197 would smooth out the difficulty curve for this file. It would provide for a good opportunity to contain semi-dense 250 BPM jumpstreaming as well. Note that with the current hands, they ALWAYS force an 8th minijack and an anchor so removing the hands also allows more flexibility. 84.77 is an example of how hands limit patterning here, and mixing 16ths with 12ths one handed at this speed doesn’t play well at all.
- 87.89: Snaking pattern here with the hands is a WWE-type difficulty spike that is influenced from overlayering instead of polyrhythms
- 88.84: Hidden up-arrow jack, very choppy to play here
- 91.13: Hidden up-arrow jack ending in a 16th triplet. Yuck.

- still really fun though, I hope you're able to smoothen out the difficulty curve in a way that you're happy with because I'd love to see this in FFR
- In general the hidden minijacks resulting from the overlayering issue in the 333 BPM 12th section results in very choppy patterning that needs to be revised. Overall this file’s layout looks alright, although it needs to be cleaned up to not spike up the difficulty unfairly in one section. The patterning could also be a bit better in the 222 BPM 16th sections, although that’s not as severe. Please consider more careful placement of the hands.

[7.5*/10] Odd22 {Terminal11} (Choof)
- difficulty on SM isn't 22, -1
- the jumpstream patterning in this file makes me feel like I'm faster than I really am so ty for that

- 75.18-110.60: I've noticed this same pattern keeps getting repeated over and over again and it gets annoying after a while. (Yes I’m aware that is an old screenshot, but this issue still exists from my previous notes)
- 94.329 very gay minijack
- For the above note, an 8th minijack with a 16th trill would work better for the vocal sample there
- 112.60: Up arrow anchor here is problematic, especially going into the 3/32nd jack
- 117.30, 123.60: Down anchor starting with the 3/32nd makes this section much harder than it should be
- 118.69, 125.00: Ghost note, the soft kick lands on the 16th before
- 118.95, 125.27: Very choppy; revise patterning to not be a long 8th jack
- 129.91: Now this is starting to look like copy/paste, the above issues apply again

- ending 32nds are fucking brutal to play through but that's probably just me being shit
- really don't have much to say about this one...for a file past the difficulty threshold of playing for the AAA (even for D7 players), it's not just a complete clusterfuck of unfair bullshit, so it gets the go-ahead from me

- Some patterns are repeating too often and I could swear I saw quite lot of copy/paste going on and this becomes especially problematic with awkward one handed patterns back to back requiring air movements. With some more cleanup this would make for a great challenge.

[7*/10] where is my balls {LOLI RIPE} (YoshL)
- 8.52, 9.00, 10.92, 11.52: Missing jumps (inferred from the layered vocal+break at 8.04)
- 19.107 32nd pattern here would force a two frame minijack on FFR, change so that the 4th and 8th are same note
- 32.187 - 32.787 this section is pretty awkward to hit as is, largely due to the 16ths separating both sets of 32nds. I'd change the 16ths from 32 to 43 and then continue the start of the next 32nd roll on the left hand

- Going to the above point, the 16th up anchor is what causes major problems here -- and the average-rush trap at 32.49 causes more issues as well. The patterning here needs to be revised.
- 38.40: There is a 5-note 64th burst here, although with how the vocals turn out on normal rate it’s better to have this part as a 4th jump into a jumptrill triplet [34][12][34] to cover the most prominent parts.

- 39.867 transitioning in and out of these 48ths is manageable but pretty weird to play through, would consider revising
- 64.08: This 8th jack is chained with the 8th jacks to the vocals right after. It’s combining an 8th jack for two different sounds and also provides a long hidden jack, so this should be revised.
- nothing to really point out in the middle of the file, flows pretty well
- glad you kept the patterning but took out the jumps for the first half of the ending stream, was pretty shit to play through formerly given all the trills...also makes latter half more climactic

- 159.18: Up anchor here is very problematic
- 160.527 change the right hand minitrill here to 424 to improve transition from 32nds prior and also into the 16th jumptrill
- 160.44: A better alternative exists for the above. Since these 16th streams mainly just have jumps for the vocals, the same should apply here. This means the jump at 160.44 and 160.68-160.98 can be removed, and there can’t be perfect layering with the 32nd burst anyways. These kinds of burst spikes shouldn’t be like a paranormal activity jumpscare.
- as much of a fan I am of 32nd rolls that can be cheated as [12][34] jumptrills, the patterning does feel pretty repetitive after a while. To keep the player more engaged, consider changing a few of the shorter bursts to split rolls (mostly the five note rolls wherever possible, anything longer and this'll start to play like sys doc at certain parts and We Do Not Want That)
- american dad memes

- A meme reference doesn’t warrant lengthening a file by 24 seconds at the end.


Dysnomia, Hyper-INF-LATiON, LE6!ON, My Wolf Eats Preps, The lost

Lead Judge: One Winged Angel
Color: Red for notes. Pink for providing comments to the lead judge.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Green for notes, Light Green for providing comments to the lead judge.

Supplemental Judge: TC_Halogen
Color: Orange for notes, Brown for providing comments to the lead judge.

[8/10] Dysnomia {YZYX} (DossarLX ODI)
- Since this is my file I can’t give feedback. Someone else will review these lead notes.
- not quite firstaidvision-tier but ya this is a pretty dossar file
- definitely just has that feel, haha - light, yet brutal
- very much enjoyed this as is
- while the file’s definitely well done, I’m so surprised that it’s kept as tame as it is!
- only criticism is that the second set of intro quarter note trills starting at 9.314s shouldn't be the same arrows as the previous trill but reversed given the ascending melody, plays quite awkward to hit what’s there at the moment but then seeing the next two sets of trills PR’d accordingly
- very much agree, I actually addressed the pitch relevance in the intro in my notes as well - looks a bit strange
- up to 14.806: patterns could be organized a bit better to capture both the accented strings and the more "plucked" ones with proper pitch relevance
- almost all of the rhythms here are correct after checking with multiple passes, however...
- the jump placement doesn't seem the most accurate in some spots; most are to cymbal crashes, which is good and all for this generally "light" structure, but jumps like 16.999, 24.960, 26.806, (etc), while understandable, make the structure feel a bit incomplete because many instances of the sounds accented here are left behind in other spots
- you introduce a pattern repetition later for snares (44.575 + 44.922, as an example) that could be somewhat effective earlier on as well
- check your rhythms around 73.422, because there's a bit of a deceleration here that isn't quite accented well just going from 32nds to 16ths
- despite running at 260 BPM, the patterns are pretty fluent - feels like a hybrid that beefs up Hero Reconsidering and Breakbeat Acid into a nice 260 BPM burst-fest
- missing notes at: 27.672, 33.095, 33.210, 46.595, 75.210, 78.095, 81.672, 84.441, 85.479, 89.056, 90.787, 91.825
- also, check (or explain if intentional): 78.499, 85.883
- dude, give me three hours and I will have a field day with this song, I could easily make this a 99 on the current scale and still have it be completely fair :V

[5.5/10] Hyper-INF-LATiON {cosMo@Bousou-P feat. Hatsune Miku} (SonicX.)
- 12.98 to 15.06 is overstepped, only the light cymbal plays here and jumps are used for every instance (the loud guitar at 14.62 is also ignored)
- 17.44: There aren’t any 16ths here. The drums and guitar are 12ths. They were stepped correctly at 19.82
- 21.30 to 24.57: Erratically stepped, this needs to be revised. Many 8th and 16th percussion sounds are ignored and there are many ghost notes.
- 27.17, 28.36: Missing 16th for bass kick
- 29.40: Ghost note; there are 16ths to the bass kick at 29.25, 29.54, and 33.70
- 34.15: This goes to the piano and does not belong in the same column as the bass kicks
- 38.53: The layering looked ok up to this point and then it stopped making sense. The snare had its emphasis on the 8ths, and then increased in frequency but was neglected. In addition the 12th section after is missing a lot of layering opportunities (for instance, 48.33 and 50.71 at the very least should have been jumps) and the jumps there should have been hands.
- 56.15, 56.25: Missing 12th vocals
- 63.48: Many notes are missing here, there isn’t any indication of what’s supposed to be followed here.
- 67.93 to 70.91: This part is just a 4th jump section that doesn’t follow anything
- 71.05: The 16th run starts on this 8th and there’s a missing 16th on 72.32; the stepping of this run also needs more thought -- that 8th up jack makes no sense.
- 72.39: The vocals aren’t 12ths here. They’re a series of broken 16ths.

- 73.01s left hand trill here quite awkward
- On the above note, that trill is also wrong.
- 91.33: This file has many missing notes
- 92.29: The triplets start on the 8th note.
- 101.50: The percussion and vocals here aren’t 12ths, they’re a series of broken 16th notes.
- 107.44: The vocals and bass kick are 12ths in this specific spot
- 111.00: The percussion and vocals here are broken 16ths.

- the only reason this file made it into this batch was because of the ending (120.535s onwards), and it was a very enjoyable file until that point, but that ending jumpjack section elevates the difficulty from FMO to near-FSO
- The above note is also something that needs to be considered since most of this file’s difficulty consisted of jumpstreaming and the ending makes it completely different.
- change the three note jacks to minitrills and the difficulty structure will be much more consistent, leading to a much better file
- This file has a lot of errors and it and requires some significant reworking if it’s going to be considered. The layering isn’t even clear to begin with.

[5.75/10] LE6!ON - {Frums} (Lambdadelta)
- 53.13: These very slight pitch changes on the 32nds are only noticeable on 0.3 rate. They should be removed, and the patterning is also horrid in that burst.
- 53.41: Considering there’s a pause between this and the 8th note before, having the hidden 5-note 8th jack doesn’t fit here
- 54.24: 24ths should have been stepped here as this part is 48ths; the 32nd spin roll also is an uninteresting pattern.
- 54.52: The 8th jumps don’t fit here. Trills would have worked better to follow the bass rush.
- 57.58: I saw what was attempted here, although it doesn’t work. This burst starts as a 48th, and already there’s a 32nd mixed with a 48th that’s a guaranteed zero frame interval. Simplify this burst into either a 32nd or 48th burst. To make the file more interesting, a non-jumptrill 32nd burst would add more flavor.
- 59.10: This should have been a 32nd as opposed to 48ths. There’s a 64th burst here, and the straight roll pattern is uninspiring.
- 61.26, 61.46: From what I can tell there are missing jumps here.
- 62.16: If this was to be stepped as 32nds, several other spots right after should have been 32nds. This is a bit of a cheap spike, and be aware of the long hidden right jack. I feel like the layering could be toned down a bit.
- 68.89: These roll patterns can be varied up much more.
- 69.94: Missing jump; this is part of the snare run.
- 93.36: There aren’t any 48ths here; this is a 64th burst, and a 32nd should have been stepped instead.
- 93.83: There is an overwhelming bias of 8th jacks on the right note in this section.

- might have slightly overestimated the difficulty on this one, but the jumpstream density and burst sections still put it around 88 (jumpstream layering is heavily reminiscent of FREEDOM DiVE and around the same bpm) so fuck it
- can't stand the song but the file is still surprisingly enjoyable to play through despite that

- Considering that some of the layering choices are still slightly incorrect, this felt like a forced attempt at making a file with some dense jumpstream. This isn’t really a good song to do it on as it doesn’t offer much creativity.
- bursts actually converted somewhat decently on FFR too so that's a plus
- nothing to add really, somewhat generic jumpstream file but meh, had fun

[5/10] My Wolf Eats Preps {Renard} (YoshL)
- 13.93: This should have been a single note
- 67.43: Not sure why more of these jacks were left out
- 84.10: What would’ve worked better is [13], [14], then [134]. All hands doesn’t account for the change in pitch for the vocals and the current hand results in a nasty anchor on the left hand.
- 97.27: Nasty right anchor

- ugh
- yes, I know, I know, I made a post about how 180bpm jacks should be the limit with respect to what's submitted for jack difficulty, but when those jacks are the only patterns emphasized throughout the file...I don't find this fun to play through at all, both casually and for scoring, and I feel like a good majority of players would agree with me
- going to pass regardless because structurally it's okay, and it's certainly possible to AAA (best is 0-0-3-1 or a lot of scores would look like that), but I just feel this isn't appropriate for FFR
- hell I might be in the minority here though so lets see what others have to say

- This file is forced at best. There isn’t anything inspiring about it, and the song is limited with what can be done for a hard file. Better choices exist out there for high fgo or higher files.

[5/10] The lost {midoriA} (hi19hi19)
- 41.09: I feel like the file could start around here, considering the first 40 seconds is a lot of filler compared to the rest.
- lmao this is so fucking overstepped
- the spiky scoring structure reminds me a lot of husigi...and this file has the same notecount wtf
- I'm all for hard pain but this is just too much given the nature of this song, and a decent chunk of what's being layered in is barely audible at times

- 45.95: Already I can see where this is going.
49.222 - 50.033 ugh, cheatable but such a mess
51.384 - 52.465 and again

- The overlayering is what’s ruining the flow of this chart. For the above points, I guarantee a 12th single note jack would fit those bass kicks much more and provide a better streaming experience than some sandwiched jumpgluts.
- 65.438 everytime I've played this file I've been completely blindsided by this jack and it doesn't help that you can barely even hear what it's going to lol
- Going to the above jack, 65.77 and 65.86 should have been placed on a different column (probably right) since there is a drastic increase in volume
- 84.898 (happy) sick hands (these aren’t difficult on stepmania, but with FFR forcing some two framers here, it’ll be pretty dumb to play through this part unless frame fixes can somehow improve playability)
- the polyrhythmic jumpstream at around bar 63 with 16th jumpjacks... while the polys would be cheatable on FFR, this is quite gay, like far gayer than anything in heterochromia, and heterochromia's already pretty fucking gay in the second half so

- 90.01 Is straight up horrendous and needs more thought put into it. Heterochromia Iridis was much more thoughtful of the player in its minijack jumpstream.
- 92.465 - 93.006 this is the one roll section in the file that I don't actually mind since there aren't a ton of jumps mucking up the timing
- 102.08: The up arrow FFFFFFF
- transitions into the denser 16th/24th polyrhythms in the final 12th jumpstream are kinda gross at times (102.263 for example forces a pretty awkward up jack that abruptly cuts off the rest of the section which flows very nicely)
- 128.682 - 130.304 (heidy) intensifies

- I felt like I was bracket smashing a crossover spectrum chart in the above section
- iirc you had a [light] version of this file you sent me a while ago which I may have lost (heh) but I think that version may be significantly more suitable for the game
- fun but I regrettably must inform you to dial back the meme notch just a tad

- The overstepping really does not match the song at all. There are many opportunities for polyrhythms and 24th streaming already, the extra layering just makes the file forced and it results in the awkward jacks that result in awkward floating motions.


Maybe All This Time I Was Wrong, shit palette 2.0, Stress Free Style, You Universe, You're gonna love my nuts

Lead Judge: One Winged Angel
Color: Dark Red for notes, Light Red for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Green for notes, Light Green for providing comments to the lead judge.

[9/10] Maybe All This Time I Was Wrong {The Flashbulb} (YMIA & Halogen)
- probably a couple points easier than an 89 but w.e fuck it
- great file with excellent flow, even the split jumpjacks were very comfortable to hit

- 69.23: While I’m mentioning this specific 32nd section, some of the other 32nd parts could also have patterns that aren’t one-hand jumps (12341234, etc.). This is an overused pattern in many files in the game and making even just a split roll pattern would be better, although this is just a general suggestion; there’s nothing wrong there.
- Being 180 BPM this file will convert consistently, although frame fixing should help resolve some of the faster burst issues if they arise (such as the 48ths/64ths which will guarantee some sort of 0 frame placement).

[4/10] shit palette 2.0 {goreshit} (HeZe)
- literally on my way to the airport right now so brief notes without going into the editor (apologies)
- the difficulty structure for this file is extremely inconsistent which would prove very frustrating to play for scoring (the beginning is very difficult but the difficulty immediately drops off at the start of the first 'verse' where it's just very simplistic quarter and eighth note jumpstreaming for what feels like close to a minute, until the second half of the file starts...this section should have increased layering to [try to] match the difficulty of other sections in the file)

- Going to the above, there are a lot of 16th triplets and missed layering opportunities to include the vocals. For a minute, the player is faced with a lot of easy 8th sections and it’s not a good difficulty spread.
- the constant 16th split jumptrilling is just plain unfun and will most likely force at least a single one frame gap per each group of five jumps on FFR (resulting in even more scoring frustration)
- some 32nds are also very poorly patterned, at this bpm try to make all repeated arrows in a 5 note 32nd burst at least an 8th apart due to frame issues

- The layering in the first 35 seconds of the file doesn’t even make any sense. Yes, there are the 16ths and 32nd bursts there. However, the melody has sparse notes in comparison, and the other elements don’t happen at the frequency of the jumps.
- 36.90: In this section, jumps are being stepped for each bass kick. This part needs to be redone.
- 50.40: This is what I meant by many missing 16th triplets.
- 99.56: How is this a hand?
- 100.52: Same layering issue as the first 35 seconds of the file.
- 130.55: nope
- 147.03: What are these jumps for?
- The layering issues continue through the rest of the file.
- The only layering that made any sense was the minute-long 8th section after the beginning section and even then it left out many elements that could’ve been utilized.
- In general the patterning was very awkward, especially in the 32nds. 130.55 was the worst case. Most of the patterning problems were due to the excessive number of extra jumps.

[7*/10] Stress Free Style {MOSAIC.WAV} (Scintill)
- fucking relentless file wow
- General note: the 12ths in this file are 198 BPM 16ths for reference
- also this has scintill written all over it
- 22.81, 23.49: These aren’t 24th triplets; the 24ths are ghost notes
- 24.13: This is a 16th triplet, not a 24th burst

- I think a good majority of the jumpjacks in this file can probably be cheated on FFR, which is a shame but what are you gonna do
- 19.49s lol fuck you change this

- Going to the above: This part alone already gives a CQ flag considering the rest of the file.
- 29.717s this is fine as is if you choose to leave it alone, but if you intend for this to actually be trilled, change it to a two hand trill because I guarantee 99% of players will jumpjack this
- Going to the above point (and referencing the fact that 12ths at this speed at 198 BPM 16ths), the players would do themselves a disservice by trying to trill a 198 BPM 32nd trill.
- 38.96s this is so much fun to hit aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
- Agreed. That trill was a great addition
- 45.31: Remove the layering during the bursts here to follow them more accurately as opposed to stepping fragments (which results in having the normal beat interrupt the bursts).
- 47.66: This entire 16th section is actually 12ths
- 66.29: What’s stepped as a 16th trill is just 12ths
- 68.34: The only 24th in this trumpet burst is at 68.53.
- 69.17: Restep the trumpet to be just 12ths here. Same for 68.34
- 82.88: Same trumpet issues again; a hold note isn’t the same as a 24th burst
- 89.66: What are these 48th-offsetted 16ths for? The trumpet starts on the 12th, not the 24th
- 91.88: Same issue with the 48th-offsetted 16ths; there are softer 12th drums here and a short 12th trumpet burst.
- 93.45, 94.59, 94.81: Vocal and trumpet don’t play until the 12th after
- 95.97: This should have been on the 12th after

- solo is fucking fun as hell to play through
- the upjacks starting at measure 154...these require a great deal of control to AAA through, and while certainly doable, they're stepped to a short drum interlude at the end of the solo that is easily the least chaotic part of the song, and I think the difficulty should maybe reflect that...consider changing to up/down trills?

- To go to the above point, these are back-to-back 198 BPM 16th jacks. So the player is going to be faced with an ugly glut of 2-framers. It’s not as noticeable in stepmania where I can vibrate it and it’s not that bad, but in FFR the glut of 2 framers will be disgusting.
- 157.43: See 68.34
- 168.75: What is this right hand color trill for? The vocals are the 24th gallop with an 8th note on 168.91
- 171.97: See 68.34
- 178.75: See 89.66
- 180.97: See 91.88
- 182.54: Trumpet is on the 12th after.
- 183.71: Why was a 32nd stepped here instead of a 12th?
- 185.07: Previously at 95.97 there was a 48th. Now it’s a 32nd. This should be a 12th jump.
- 182.88: Why is this burst so drastically different from 93.79?
- 186.24: This should have been stepped on the 12th before
- 192.56: The vocal here does start a little earlier, but the 48th-offsetted 12th jumps after should have snapped to 12ths and 4ths.
- Maybe want to tone down the meme notch just a tad at the end

- excellent challenging file but definitely touch up that absurd intro burst thing

[8*/10] You Universe {Blitz Lunar} (hi19hi19)
- love it, but you already know my gripe with the jacks
- This file makes Metro look like nothing, haha.
- 24th jumpstream patterning flows very well, as do most 32nd streams
- if you want the streams to be the main difficulty focus, split the long jack lengths between two arrows (the ending 32nd transitions in and out of the jacks is especially problematic and overshadow the parts intended to be more difficult imo)

- If you ask me, the best alternative would be to split those long jacks into minijacks. The jacks definitely can’t stay in their current state though; someone can be strong at fast streaming but get crushed by the 16th jacks in this file. Having minijacks will also alleviate the problem with the 32nds.
- 111.64: The 32nd for the snare was stepped here, but not at 106.97 and 109.31
- Due to the nature of the song I understand the recoloration back to 4th notes, although I could see that screwing around with players’ heads with all the streaming going on haha.
- The most problematic parts of the streams were 3/32nd jacks that lasted 4 notes. At most 3 note 3/32nd jacks is what I’d consider reasonable for faster 32nd streams, but once it gets to 4 notes or more the difference starts to become much more noticeable.

- probably my favorite FSO if this gets queued

[8/10] You're gonna love my nuts {Reizoko Cj} (gameboy42690)
- I'm worried about how this is going to convert on FFR but I can't say I really have problems with anything after playing it on SM a few times
- I’m wondering why “with” wasn’t stepped in the very beginning, but “slap chop” was.
- I'd remove the opening four note 16th jack though, at 260bpm that's gonna force one-framers regardless of frame touchups (and the RATO opening jack 20bpm slower is annoying enough)
- The above is probably referring to the 195 BPM jack at 14.31 (which would still basically be a glut of 2 framers). Either way, minijacks would work better as later on in the 260 BPM sections minijacks are also stepped rather than four note jacks (e.g. 61.86).
- 148.50: Holy crap this is mean. Prone to [23] syndrome
- similar difficulty structure to base, latter half bringing it down a notch but yeah, good clean fun


Mondo Brutale, Parousia-LAST JUDGEMENT-, Resistance 8, Stress Free Style v2, Ultraviolent Junglist

Lead Judge: gameboy42690
Color: Dark Red for notes, Light Red for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Green for notes, Light Green for providing comments to the lead judge.

[6.5/10] Mondo Brutale {Komprex} (hi19hi19)
- My main problem with this file (besides the arguably polarizing song choice; we’re here to talk about the steps though) is those very long jumpjacks. Musically I can understand why you chose long jumpjacks instead of doing more jumpgluts (such as the ones from 28.098-31.125), but the end result isn't very fun. Take 37.611-40.098 for example. There's a hidden 24 note long 8th jack at 277.5 BPM (or a 138.75 BPM 16th jack if you want to think of it this way). An even more difficult example is the hidden 32 note long 8th jack from 65.457-68.808. Even the shorter 16 note long jacks in this file are tough to pull off at this speed, and there's a ton of those in the file.
- There's two alternatives I can think of to what you have now. They would be to either take the current series of jumpgluts and convert them into mini-jacks without jumps or turn them into 8th note jumpstream, and in either of the two cases take the current long 8th jumpjacks and turn them into long strings of jumpgluts with more variation than the current jumpjacks, which I think would be more manageable for the player while also still reflecting the music and staying difficult.
- I otherwise don't really have an issue with how the rest of the file is structured. Just that the overabundance of brutal jumpjacks really takes away from any fun factor the file may have otherwise had.

- There are some layering sections that need to be addressed.
- 28.13: My main quip here would be that the jumpgluts don’t all have 8th minijacks attached to them. For instance, take the [23] jump at 28.67 and [14] jump at 29.10; if you want my advice, this section would fit the track better if you started the 8th minijacks on the 4th notes and kept it that way.
- 46.07: How are these all jumps?

The jumps are all going to the guitar riff, with the few single notes going to what sounds like a comparatively lower guitar note. The downside is that it’s difficult to tell the two sounds apart, so those few singles seem pretty random. It would make more sense for most of the guitar riffs to be stepped with singles and only have jumps to the drum and the stressed guitar notes (45.826, 46.475, 47.015 etc.)
- 62.09-62.78: How are these hands? Same issue with 101.59-114.85
- 136.40: Why is this a trill instead of 8th jacks?

I kind of liked how this was stepped, but 8th jacks would match better with how the rest of the file was stepped.
- 144.62: How is this a hand?
- From a tournament file standpoint this file wouldn’t be fitting since it has such a heavy focus on long sustaining jacks and transitioning between them. It’s a rather split heavy file, although as a standalone file it could be a mega-jack challenge added to the game.

[4/10] Parousia-LAST JUDGEMENT- {xi} (YoshL)
OFFSET CHANGED TO -0.442 (Technical issues with my SM and certain kbs rates on .mp3 files, not an issue on your end.)
Beautiful intro. Pitch relevancy is good, layering is good. I honestly wish the rest file was more like this, because once we get into the hard stuff a lot of the difficulty feels really forced.

19.46: There isn’t a 32nd note here. There’s a missing 16th at 17.79 too; there are some missing notes in this area and it’s not clear why they weren’t stepped.
28.210: It looks like you intended for this wall to be jumptrillable, but the triples made it hard to do that. This might be easier when it converts to FFR though, but I don’t know for sure.
Going to the above point, keep in mind that due to the hand and jump the player is actually doing a 16th vibrajacking jack on the left hand. In order to not have 1-frame intervals on the 24th minijacks, this part would have to be changed around to messy placements on the right side.
38.104: Here’s a good example of where I feel the difficulty was really forced here. Everything you stepped here exists in the song, but trying to cram it all together ended up not being all that fun.
For the above point: There is a very clear layering problem here. I’m seeing hands crammed with too much density everywhere. Upon analysis I can see what parts can be hit as [12] or [34], but even then these imbalanced sections are largely due to jumps or hands making many forced minijack patterns.
49.54: As a general guideline, jacks at this speed shouldn’t go above 5 notes (especially not with a one handed anchor in between).
51.508: Another really dense part of the song. Again, it’s all there, but it feels forced. This one isn’t nearly as bad as other parts of the file though.
100.019: These 24ths I think are going to some faint piano in the background… And because the piano is so faint here and I can barely hear it, it gave off the impression that these 24ths were going to nothing. The second time around they’re more noticeable.
101.295: All these hands and minijacks crammed together felt really forced and unnatural.
111.827: Also felt very crammed together and forced.
These above three things repeat later in the song.
132.572: This 32nd jumpstream is insane.

The above is a mess of minijacks and when we get to 133.88 there are basically two cameljacks connected to each other and it’s a very unnatural pattern to play.
The climax has more of the same “feels forced” problem. In every one of these situations I’ve pointed out, the notes are there in the song but playing the file is a chore. Technically accurate, just really not all that fun.
From what I also gathered in gameboy’s review, this file is composed of many unbalanced parts. There is some 16th streaming here and there, although most of the difficulty comes from snaking Winter Wind Etude-like patterns that jump at your face for a fraction of a second. Fixing the overlayering issue will remove a lot of forced minijacks, and more thought needs to be put into the patterning. This file has a long way to go.

[2.5/10] Resistance 8 {Pyongyang Hardcore Resistance} (HeZe)
20.678: I was questioning why you chose to just step the bass from 20.678 onward instead of including the rest of the drums. Seems weird to leave them out. Including them would have given the file some much needed flavor. Stepping just the bass at this point was pretty boring.
43.951: This long series of [12] jumps where the BPM doubles was boring, but I could see why you would step it that way. Personally I think you could get away with doing something like [12][12][12][12][34][34][34][34] etc. like in the last quarter of Zombie Sunset and it would be a bit more tolerable. It’s up to you, though.

More importantly, there are other parts of the song that could have been stepped. This is going by a “step a bass kick as a jump” mentality and ignores everything else.
55.587: This jump could have been a hand to go with the cymbal crash. The 12ths that followed were odd since you left out the bass every so often; strange since before you stepped almost nothing but the bass.
The jumps in the section mentioned above don’t make sense given what is stepped. There are missing bass notes, and even if that 12th melody was included partially, it’s missing half the jumps that should be there.
61.405: Quit out during my initial playtest. I have absolutely no idea what these 16th streams are supposed to go to. The change in direction in the streams does obviously correspond to something in the song, but the streams themselves don't go to anything. I can hear a rush of 8ths being played, but no 16ths here at all.
That 16th stream is playable but goes to nothing. Yes, there is an 8th bass rush. No, the melody is not 16ths. This is Trigger syndrome.
73.07-75.93: Trigger syndrome again.
76.04: The 16th up arrows previously will make this awful.
82.53: I could say “Missing hand for clap” here, although there are plenty of extra jumps that don’t make sense. The 12th bass rush doesn’t explain the 4th jumps.

83.223: Eww, 330 BPM 16th trill. I would have stepped this as a roll instead; a 16th trill this fast is pretty brutal, and it doesn’t help that it’s followed by a wall of 32nds. The 32nd wall is technically accurate, but just as soon as that buzz starts playing, it starts to fade out, so I’m wondering instead if it should just be one solitary white note. 330 BPM 32nd walls aren’t very fun anyways.
85.678, 87.132, etc.: More 16th ghost notes. If you’re looking to accent that high pitched synth that’s fine, but they shouldn’t be 16th streams.
90.314: No 16ths here either.
101.951: Same as 90.314, but now you stepped 32nds in the burst?
104.905: Ghost 16th note.
This kind of throwing in ghost notes happens very frequently in the file, but it also seems very deliberate, as if you’re trying to accent certain sounds in the song. Again, it’s fine to accent sounds in the song but ghost notes generally aren’t the way to do it.
107.769, 108.496, etc.: These short 32nd bursts get very irritating very quickly. Some of the transitions in and out of the bursts can be awkward. Things get even more awkward and unnecessarily difficult to play starting at 114.314, where the player now can’t just simply jumptrill their way through the bursts, and then at 119.587 where 16ths are thrown into the mix between bursts.

113.79: These 64th jumps create a 64th gallop. They’re just 4ths and introduce faux hands.
131.223: This upcoming part with the barrage of 32nd bursts gets particularly brutal and unfun. In a situation like this, it would be preferable to just have bursts of four 32nds instead of nine 32nds, similar to what Resistance 4 does.
137.041: I really don’t hear any 32nd gallops here. This just seems like another attempt to make the file harder than it should be.
142.905: Doesn’t seem like there’s any real purpose to these 16th mini jumpjacks, honestly. Again, it just feels like you’re trying to bump up the difficulty more than it needs to be.
154.882: During this final part of the song, there’s some drums that you missed stepping. Ignoring everything after 166.881 until you reach the last placeholder jump a few seconds later probably wasn’t the best choice.
This was an unusually brutal file. Much of the difficulty felt very artificial. The file could really benefit from being toned down.

The layering changed willy-nilly throughout the file and there was very little thought put into the patterning of this file.

[PASS/10] Stress Free Style v2 {MOSAIC.WAV} (Scintill)
- This review is no longer relevant. v1 is the same file but with 12ths instead of 16ths at a different BPM and that one already has the review.

[4/10] Ultraviolent Junglist {Venetian Snares} (DarkZtar)
Before going into gameboy’s reviews below, I’ll leave a few comments first.
- The difficulty was entered as 98. If this is a 98, Death Piano would probably be a 65 in comparison.
- OWA and I wanted to stay away from vibrating files as a general guideline. At this kind of speed, 16th jack usage should be limited to 5 notes and simplified. There can be exceptions, sure, although this file is basically like Xandertrax’s Islamey on steroids. There were jacks faster than 16ths that were considerably long.
- This file submission violates our guideline for having a file be possible to get under 100 goods by high D7 players.

- This file was hard. Really hard. There is some downright extreme jacking in this file and I actually couldn’t pass it in SM. I'm going to try and review this as best I can, but keep in mind this is also beyond my skill level.
60.951: A lot of the jumps in this song are going to the snare, including the jumps at 61.251, 61.401, etc., so not stepping this 8th and the following 16th as jumps and stepping the quarter note at 61.101 as a jump was weird.
62.751: This note would work better as a triple instead of the quarter note at 62.901 being a triple. 62.751 is a much louder sound.
64.851: Same as above.
66.201: This should also be a jump. The rest of the jumps in this jumptrill are all going to the distorted drum, and this quarter note isn’t going to any different sound.
68.901: Technically 32nds and not 24ths, but I can’t say I blame you for choosing a 24th trill instead; I did the exact same thing in one of my submissions to this batch so I can understand why you’d do something like this.
71.001: The drum is actually slightly delayed here and comes a bit later than a quarter note. A 32nd would be more accurate.
75.501 & 75.726: Can’t say I agree with these triples being triples. The sound you’re following isn’t really loud enough. The quad at 75.951 is definitely loud enough to be a hand. It’s up to you whether you keep this as a quad or make it a triple instead.
77.601: Missed a few 16th drums in between these three jumps.
79.851: The drum is the same here as it was at 79.701, so this should be turned into another [24] jump.
81.501 & 81.651: 96th bursts didn’t really fit with these two drums. I’d recommend white notes to accent the drums instead.
92.001: Based on earlier layering, this part would make more sense with 16th jumpgluts.
92.526: Missed a 16th drum.
96.051: A 6 note jumpjack at 200 BPM? Can’t say I’ve seen too many of these in FFR. I got some criticism over a 4 note 195 BPM jack in “You’re gonna love my nuts”, so I can’t imagine this jumpjack or any of the large amount of 4 note jumpjacks in this file are going to go over well either.
103.401-118.701: This rainbow note section could be polished a little more. I listened to the song at 0.5x rate with the handclap on, and a few times the handclap drifted from the vocal sample. I could feel the sync drifting a bit during my initial playtest, too.
123.426: Mini-jack felt very out of place.
127.701: Same as 92.001.
131.751 & 131.976: These two notes should also be jumps. Since these two drums are the same as the drum you did step jumps to around this part, you could also step mini jumpjacks. [34][12] gallops work fine, too.
133.251: The transition out of these 96ths is really weird. Something basic like 1-2-3-4-1 would flow a lot better.
134.901: Yikes! Technically correct, but jumpjacks like this are just torture.

Going to the above: That is the Islamey Jack.
136.551 etc.: Similar to 131.751. There’s a few more instances of this happening throughout the file.
150.801: Another opportunity for jumpgluts, but I can see why you wanted to avoid them this time. Transitioning from a 64th roll to 16th jumpgluts would be pretty ugly. Still, jumpgluts just make too much sense here. I’d tone down the roll to 32nds and then step the 16th jumpgluts.
167.601: These 20ths are the equivalent of a 250 BPM 16th jack. That’s pretty intense. And there’s a few more of them later in the file, too.
191.001: This is a very long one-handed trill, almost reminiscent of Flight of the Bumblebee. Granted it’s really easy compared to... well, everything else in this file, but this would play a bit better as a two-handed trill instead.
199.851: Instead of this jack being a jumpjack, I would make this a normal 3-note jack and make the louder snare drums at 200.076 into a jumpjack.

211.43: nope
231.68: nope
234.61: nope
236.78: nope

260.601: This rainbow jumpjack is about the equivalent of a 175 BPM 16th jumpjack. That makes it similar to Death Piano’s last trill, though this is much shorter (thankfully). Not sure if we’re looking to see something like that again in FFR.
273.801: This is where the file becomes certifiably insane. It’s a 17 note long 200 BPM jackhammer, complete with bonus white notes that form jumpjacks and a 32nd trill. This is way harder than anything currently in FFR not named vROFL. I’d be very uncomfortable seeing something like this in a file that’s supposed to be taken seriously. Fortunately we’re less than 10 seconds away from the end, so the file doesn’t get an opportunity to get harder than this.
Of all the files I’ve ever reviewed, this is by far the craziest. It might even be too crazy. Coming up with a numerical rating to give was very difficult. Ultimately, I really do think the file is just too hard even with the proposed difficulty expansion.

Even if someone was able to get through the short jumpglut and speed sections with teens goods or better, they’d get screwed over with 100+ goods from the 64th walls and long 16th jacks.


Apocynthion Drive, Breath After Breath, Epileptic Crisis, DIST SQUAD, oppIrish(GYPSYCOREremix)

Lead Judge: One Winged Angel
Color: Dark Red for notes, Light Red for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Blue for notes, Light Blue for providing comments to the lead judge.

[1/10] Apocynthion Drive {HertzDevil} (DarkZtar)
- Before continuing: This file was really offsync for me, I was getting a bunch of early greats. In addition, the sections that have a plethora of color notes should have been at a different BPM.
- lmfao fucking nope
- some of the sections in this file are so fucking far past the line for the intended difficulty cap even with the extension
- the line is a dot to this file
- 81.433s, other crazy shit was already bending me over and giving me the shaft prior to this but now you went balls deep
- multiple 3/64th Death Piano-esque trills (including one-handed ones lmao)

- 128.12: nope
- when I got to the section playing in the SM preview music (165.872s), I failed
- that part was just a whole new level of buttfuckery

- That’s harder to pass than Ultraviolent Junglist which was already the hardest submission so far. At least someone that can vibrate can pass UV.
- I could go on but you probably already know this is quite outrageous
- Rejected for violating the guideline of having high D7 still being able to get double digit goods.

[8*/10] Breath After Breath {Craving} (hi19hi19)
- ok listen up cornlord
- despite this finally being a potential true stamina test for FFR, the sheer length of this file bores me and I can't stand powermetal
- that being said, I've only heard good things from other people about this file, so I don't think it's fair for me to give this a low rating when I'm probably in the minority of people that wouldn't enjoy this
- We Will See If FFR Is Craving Some Stamina

- This file looks similar to when I tried stepping Risk is My Business, except 9 BPM faster and 6 minutes longer!
- 6.90-19.88: I could loop this amazing beginning for hours. The 24ths on the double bass pedal and guitar are full of yes.
- 17.17, 17.71: There should be jumps on these 12ths layering in both the double bass pedal and drums.
- 32.58: If this jump was supposed to layer in the “I” from the vocals, it fits better on the 24th before.
- 58.26: Why is this a 5-note jumptrill?
- 84.74: With the blasting percussion and guitar, I can’t tell what the jumps in this section are going to.
- 168.93: Missing jump
- 215.02: Missing 12th note
- 227.45: Layering in the vocals here would be nice for some variety.
- 312.59, 357.99: Missing jumps
- 363.67: If you really wanted to be mean there could be a lot of 24th trills here for the guitar, although the way it’s currently stepped is fine.
- While most of the file looks alright layering-wise with a few parts that need to be addressed, I have a concern with the handstream and jumps landing on 12ths. This isn’t wrong/doesn’t need change, but it’s definitely an extra layer of complexity to dense handstream.
- Another irrelevant comment: This file has ~1700 more notes than The Games We Played Full Edition at ~10 minutes less. That’s scary considering even with the breaks in the file the average TPS is 17.59

[5/10] DIST SQUAD {Dj Sharpnel} (ItsOnlyDanO)
- the only reason this file qualifies for this batch is obviously the 48th walls
- unfortunately, they're gay
- very, very, very gay
- the shorter 48th burst patterning is kinda abrasive at certain parts but the walls are a much bigger issue, you'd have to change them to 32nd walls at which point the difficulty probably wouldn't breach the min level for this batch

- Two issues before I have more notes here: Those walls are actually 64ths, Rebound Vibrajacking Pack II had the walls correct. Second, this song was already stepped for a previous Dragonsfury tournament with a similar concept and the main difference is the 32nd rolls are to 48ths.
- 47.97: Poor 48th patterning, causes a 16th minijack on the up arrow
- 52.77: This 64th roll stands out since everything else is 48ths
- There have already been two interpretations for this song (Stepmania with 64th rolls and Dragonsfury with 32nd rolls and 48th bursts), this is more like a hybrid between the two. Most of the difficulty comes from walls and rolls, something we want to avoid.

[8.5*/10] Epileptic Crisis {Nightmare} (ilikexd)
- love it
- take out the ending handjacks you dick

- At the very least, tone them down to jumps.
- 9.16: Ghost 32nd
- 73.86: Why are the jumps on the 16ths?
- 78.14: This 48th pattern should probably be changed. Either way, I’ve have to make sure this 48th note doesn’t form a zero-frame interval with the 4th jump.
- 93.84: If you really wanted, you could imitate the jumpglut section at 53.71 here.

[8/10] oppIrish(GYPSYCOREremix) {cybermiso} (gameboy42690)
- yo
- this is tight
- I recall playing another version prior to this that had some annoying minijump/handjacking stuff at the very end, glad to see you took those out since it kinda ruined the flow of the file
- 123.379s this 11ELEVEN-type pattern kinda blows but I don't know if there's really any way to improve what you have there atm so fuck it
- nice one gamedad

- 14.08: This is a 32nd triplet, not a 48th burst
- 29.08: What are the jumps in this 16th stream layering?
- 42.14: Left arrow here causes for a very possible average-rush scenario
- 111.64, 112.18: I’m wondering why these trumpet notes were left out.
- 129.01, 131.15, 133.30, 134.37: This sounds more like a 5-note 24th burst than 16ths.
- That color ending.
- While I didn’t place this in Conditional Queue, I’d still recommend looking at the other points I mentioned.


Corporal Jigsore Quandary, Grind4, Onset, VEC†LEGGENDARIA

Lead Judge: One Winged Angel
Color: Dark Red for notes, Light Red for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Blue for notes, Light Blue for providing comments to the lead judge.

[2/10] Corporal Jigsore Quandary {The Berzerker} (mi40)
- no
- the heavy emphasis on jumpjacking at 160bpm is extremely unfun, maybe if they weren't straight jumpjacks it'd be slightly more tolerable

- The layering is also way overdone. Having the bass drum and the guitar putting jumps all over the place backfires in a case like this.
- 38.67: One handed runningman at 320 BPM out of nowhere.
- I can't hit the 302bpm jumpstreams because they're like three days long
- a few longer 100bpm 32nd jacks show up and we don't want anything that can't be wristjacked

- I saw this starting at 113.81
- 154.618s this 32nd jumpstream (and the one at the end of the file) would be much more enjoyable to hit as an actual stream instead of a series of trills
- and then we have the guitar solo which was a glorious mess of 100bpm 48th one hand trilling, awkward quadbursts with an additional note appended to each set (218.218s is what I'm referring to), aaaaaaaaaaand...more jacks

- 206.20: This section is a mess. The overuse of jumpgluts is unnecessary.
- 217.00-221.80: nope

- following this, the rest of the file really drags because the difficulty drops off SUBSTANTIALLY for the last minute
- I'd love more Berzerker on FFR and props to stepping a Berzerker that didn't end up as pure streaming but this wasn't the right way to go about it

[8/10] Grind4 {Dev/Null} (rog)
- this is pretty cute (and I can't believe I sightread a blackflag)
- ending speedup 16th jumpstream kinda awkward to hit but still manageable

- What makes it awkward are the 34143 patterns that form the “tower” on the up right and right up. Although actually, that’s a bit amusing because on mirror a left handed player can find 21412 comfortable to hit.
- rog you're like one of the only simfilers who can step these types of songs (which I fucking hate) and still make them enjoyable for me
- I don’t know any song harder than /mu/tant corecore that is less than a minute long. This will probably be the shortest at under 40 seconds. The syncing looked good.

[3/10] Onset {Bexarametric} (Mourningfall)
- The very first mistake was making the BPM 85.
- pretty neato song
- unfortunately I have no idea what the flying fuck is going on in this file
- the first 30 seconds needs some refining, but then when the file takes off it's just...yeah...

- 45.63: This is [234][234][123] in disguise with a hidden up jack and one handed triplet.
- After seeing what happened in the first 45 seconds, this file abuses one handed patterning.

- 46.879s help me
- Referring to the above section: 340 BPM one handed trills with jumps in the stream is not something you should do.
- 56.453s 170bpm handjacking is already stupid difficult but then 48th jacks start to show up aaaaaaaaaaaaa
- That and 56.92 are not 48th jacks. This file is littered with many other technical errors that I’m not going to list here.
- 59.188s probably not the first instance of this but these cameljack type patterns in combination with the sheer density of everything else going on is a big no-no
- 69.13: ~340 BPM 16th jack
- extremely overlayered and all the one handed patterning really isn't fun to play through
- but I do like the song in combination with a brutal chart (just not THAT brutal) so I'm hoping you'll try to clean it up and resubmit at some point

- This file needs an overhaul. Both the BPM needs to be increased and the layering toned down; the layering throws hands everywhere for no reason which severely limits available patterns.

[3/10] VEC†LEGGENDARIA {Rotteen} (gold stinger)
- check out this memer
- 24.37: Missing note, ghost note at 24.65
- 25.20: Anoher missing note. Ghost note at 26.43 (16th). Check over the first 27 seconds of the file again for missing notes and ghost notes.
- 35.34, 36.23, 37.12: There aren’t 16ths going to the heavy bass kick here. I won’t be listing any more of these types of technical errors.

- 70.151s probably the most aids jumpstream patterning I've ever seen so grats on that award (the other instances throughout the file were only slightly less aids-y)
- The 3/16th jumpstream stuff at 63.01 was surprisingly smooth which makes the jumpstream patterning at 70.14 ironic.
- 87.84: The synth stopped at the 4th before.
- 101.76: These are 16ths, not 24ths.

- nice touch with the equivalent of over 400bpm 16th light jumpstream at the end
- also by nice touch I mean bad touch
- like I thought I was gonna get away in time but still ended up getting molested at the last second
- truly spectacular

- Indeed spectacular I should say myself. This reminds me of Trigger in DDR where a 200 BPM 8th stream was stepped as a full blown 16th candle run into a jump. The 24th stream at 113.79 took a 16th run at ~18 tps and turned it into ~27 tps, not including the jumps and hidden 8th jacks.
- some memes just simply need to be dialed back a notch but I think you broke the knob clean off
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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