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Default Re: Certificate/Diploma/Undergrad/Grad Qualifications

Originally Posted by master q60 View Post
I am a very recent graduate (May 2018) with a BS in computer science and can attest to the job market being huge, but it's still incredibly hard to find an entry level job.

The biggest problem is what companies are labeling as an "entry level position" as well as the sheer amount of fields within computer science. For example, some companies label entry level as including professional experience and/or a master's degree while other simply want some experience in XYZ skills.
This is the problem with literally any company and I hate it.

I'm so happy the job I've been working at for the last 5 years was just looking for anyone to fill in the blank spot (They just wanted to know if I was good with people and if I was extremely patient). Nowadays, if you want the job where I work, they want a year or more experience, and it's just... why? (It's also only part-time too, which is even more hilarious)

Feel like I got lucky landing this job.

...Also, unlike some of you, I only have a measly associates degree. I decided not to pursue any higher due to funds with inevitable loans I would need to pay off for the restof my life and not believing I'd be happy slaving away at something I consider a fun past time. I might reconsider though, but I don't know. I feel like I'm in a rut myself in terms of career choices.

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