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Default Re: Certificate/Diploma/Undergrad/Grad Qualifications

Originally Posted by komochii View Post
I agree, something about getting a job that could actually be a career, in your field of study, levels you up lol, its like u get a stat boost from evolution tier

Was it really that hard to find a job just having a Computer Science degree though? Did you have any like, projects on github and experience etc? Most people I know literally get headhunted because of their comp sci degrees, like they get spammed on linked in with jobs offers to move to cali and stuff lol
I had several projects under my belt, but people simply do not want to hire programmers at entry level. The reason the boot camp I attended exists is for this very reason. Their mission is to take recently graduated people and train them in a very specific area that is in high demand (you don't get that from your standard University classes) - they actually do a great job at placing people into jobs after training.

But to answer your question, there were people that trained alongside me that applied for hundreds if not thousands of jobs before finally being hired by the boot camp. It's a tough market to try and get started in.

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