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Default Re: Certificate/Diploma/Undergrad/Grad Qualifications

Master's degree is still pretty highly valued in the states, especially in skilled industries such as health and sciences. In fact, a master's or better is pretty much required to land a job as a scientist of any sort. I only have a Bachelors in CS myself, and it has been a rough road trying to find a job - I searched for over a year before finally being hired by someone. However, I'm actually sitting in an airport in Nebraska right now, flying to New Jersey to start my new job tomorrow morning.

I underwent a 3-month long coding boot camp where I was trained on Salesforce (primarily, a software product that helps businesses manage their customers and sales) administration and development. I received certifications for both whilst at the boot camp as well as receiving the MVP (Most Valuable Programmer) award from the boot camp out of the 25 individuals who started training. I'm now on contract with them as a software engineer for 2 years, with a non-compete that extends another year beyond. I'll be moving all over the US for the next couple years implementing Salesforce apps for various companies as a contractor and hopefully I will return back to my home town in 2020 to be with my family - I'm homesick already.

I don't regret going this path for one minute. I'm learning how to adult at light speed and it's honestly very stressful, but I was stuck in a rut previously and I'm glad to finally be wiggling my way out.

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