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Default Re: TWG 187 Senpai [Post Game]

My imaginary role that I came up with to play once we got into the stage of the game where people were requiring role reveals was designed to explain both how I had a targeted ability at night, and also would seer red while still reading town.

My claim that my initials were RK wasn't just to cover up being namechecked as the character you all thought DPB would have picked, I'd actually crafted a whole thing.

I was pretending to be Ryoji Kaji from Neon Genesis Evangelion. My night power was to target a player, and if they died I could see who had killed them. But my status as a double agent was dangerous, since I was always sneaking around crime scenes, I'd seer red.

I didn't plan, coming in, to be able to fake the power to force a win at zero hour, but it was always going to be in my back pocket to try and save a wolf by forcing a lynch on somebody else.
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