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Default Re: TWG 187 Senpai [Post Game]

Night Actions:


Sunfan targets Roundbox (leveled up)
FFA brings in DBP
Dabackpack [Cant]
Mellon [Cant]
Svaz chooses Dafty.Pixel
Mtambo [Cant choose]
YoshL [Cant choose]
Ant chooses bulletproof
Storn [Cant]
Gradiant [Cant choose]
Goldstinger protects [Cant choose]
XelNya [Cant choose]
Dragon [Cant choose]
Roundbox [Cant reflect]
Soundwave [Cant check]
Storn [Cant]
Dafty [Cant check]
Funnier [Cant check]
Wayward [Cant choose]
Funnygurl [Cant Choose]
Haku [cant choose]

Sunfan lvl 2 targets goldstinger
FFA brings in Daft.Pixel
Devonin (no action)
Mellon (passive flips Ant)
Svaz chooses Gradiant to deliver message [hoes mad x 24]
YoshL locks sunfan
Ant kills Mellon
Storn charges [prevents wolf kill]
Gradiant builds ()
Goldstinger protects Haku
XelNya (No Action)
Roundbox no action
Soundwave checks YoshL (town sided)
Dafty (No action) (Randomed: Mtambo)
Funnier (No Action) (Randomed: Roundbox / Hateandhatred)
Wayward snacks (gets pokeball RED)
Funnygurl changes Host Killing Power to ON
Haku writes soundwave (6) (gives foxfire)
Wolf Kill Haku (Nulled by Storn)

Deaths: Tambo / Mellon


Sunfan lvl 2 targets notdev
FFA brings in Storn
Devonin smokes Dafty
Svaz chooses H&H to deliver message [don’t die sven!]
YoshL key’s sunfan (To sunfan’s knowledge, they can level up three times. Each time makes them more and more powerful. They are currently on level two.)
Storn bonds with Seniorious
Gradiant builds (2/2)
Goldstinger protects Hakulyte
XelNya uses Magnetic Stone (Scuicide Gun)
Roundbox no action
Soundwave ?????
Dafty targets sunfan (For each successful task you complete, you level up.)
Funnier swaps Storn and Svaz
Wayward snacks (Alondite)
Funnygurl removes ‘NOT’ in ITA’s
Haku writes H&H (9) (Receives a real gun)
Wolf Kill hateandhate

Deaths: Hateandhate


Sunfan lvl 2 targets YoshL:
Devonin smokes Dafty
Svaz chooses Shadowgod “yt: JxsfEio0L8Y”
YoshL locks gradiant
Storn No Action
Gradiant cooks for storn (no visits)
Goldstinger protects YoshL
XelNya no action
Roundbox no action
Soundwave checks funnier (uses foxfire (sees who visiits) on Yoshl) (Funnier/???/Goldstinger)
Dafty no action
Funnier swaps YoshL and Roundbox
Wayward kills Dafty
Haku writes sunfan (6) Fails
Wolf Kill YoshL

Deaths: Dafty.Pixel

Devonin smokes nobody
Svaz chooses devonin
Storn No Action
Gradiant restocks
Goldstinger protects storn
XelNya clarity shard on goldstinger
Roundbox on soundwave
Soundwave checks roundbox
Haku writes soundwave (1)
Wolf Kill nobody

Deaths: nobody

Devonin smokes roundbox
Svaz chooses Xelnya “Princess Tomoyo”
Gradiant fights for Devoin
XelNya astral charm shadowgod
Roundbox no action
Soundwave checks Xel
Haku writes Roundbox
Wolf Kill Soundwave

Deaths: Soundwave


Devonin smokes nobody
Svaz chooses Roundbox “sick wheels bro”
Haku writes nobody
Wolf Kill Roundbox

Deaths: Roundbox

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