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Default TWG CLXXXV Postgame

1) Daikyi Vanilla Town, Won at Endgame
2) roundbox Town Roleblocker, Killed n3
3) star-crossed Vanilla Town, Killed n1
4) MixMasterLar Town Cop, Lynched d3
5) Gradiant Vanilla Town, Killed n5
6) Wayward Vagabond Vanilla Town, Lynched d0
7) inDheart Vanilla Town, Killed n4
8) XelNya Vanilla Town, Killed n2
9) flashflash account Vanilla Town, Lynched d1
10) Antori 1-Shot Mafia Rolecop, Lynched d2
11) Hakulyte Mafia Roleblocker, Lynched d4
12) mellonxcollie Godfather, Lynched d5
13) ShadoWolfe Vanilla Town, Won at Endgame
TWG Stats:

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.

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