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Default Re: TWG CLXXXV: C9+++++++++ Game Thread

Originally Posted by Hakulyte View Post
I've been told to lynch players in a certain order based on a mass claim and if I simply followed the order; town would have won pretty convincingly.

The problem lies on reaching out to others in the right way.

I didn't actually stand for myself when I had more than enough on my plate to push the game at the right place.

I said what I had in mind overall, but it's like it didn't really reach out because of how it was said.

It felt like it was too easy to be true and I eventually started second guessing myself over technical stuff that was outside of my control that didn't really matter. e.g: (does role color matter, is Xel a bastard role in a non bastard game, etc.)

The point is that lynches got wasted over stupid stuff and then wolves won despite having all the info to technically win after the first phase.

I feel like I still need a backup buddy to end the game for me after sitting down and sharing the information.

Mix that with being absent at eods due to work and struggling in voice chat to think at a meaningful way to rally others over logical stuff and I've got quite the problem.

Anyway, gotta reset for this game.
Again, this post is focused on solving based on mechanical information, communicating appropriately, game solving in general (second guessing), being concerned about wasting lynches, "rally[ing] others over logical stuff." All of those things seem way more relevant to town play than to wolf play. Why would he be talking to a wolf partner about these things, as opposed to things more relevant to being a wolf?
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