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Default Re: TWG CLXXXV: C9+++++++++ Game Thread

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
I just like that he's actively poking stuff that's happening, not really because it's about Yosh and Haku although that helps. This obviously doesn't clear him but the more content people make early the easier it is to cross reference them later on. On a related note, look forward to when I advocate outright lynching anyone with sub 5 posts on here come EoD; I can't stand inactives

If you are upset that I didn't elaborate then that's fair but I was legit on my way out the door and just decided to not write more. It's more the act that he is doing it anyway.
Thanks for answering tiny bit more. I wasn't upset about you not elaborating because i knew you'd probably get to it eventually, i'm currently more irritated that shado took it upon himself to do it for you without actually answering anything, just saying 'wrong'
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