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Default Re: TWG CLXXXV: C9+++++++++ Game Thread

Originally Posted by Daikyi View Post
the tone you used was initially very harsh, so i interpreted it as anger. there was little separation of addressing gradiant and i, so things melded together.

the way that youre trying to belittle me is also kinda toxic and makes me want to interact with you less as well. theres honestly better ways to communicate than trying to be ultra snide and shitty tbh
I understand that. I don't think I was toxic but I'm sorry (to offend) if I came off that way.

My main point was that you had said I needed to read your intentions after I had already tried reading your intentions and thought you came out looking better for it.

In terms of anger, I completely understand why you thought I was angry. I do get frustrated in and out of game with people memeing about how much they think Haku sucks. In a lot of cases, Haku is better than those players and one of the biggest limiting factors on his play imo is that he doesn't have the confidence to actually lead without being excessively self-detrimental because he's distinctly aware of said comments. I just wanted to stop it before the toxicity of those memes took over thread, as they have before in both game and postgame

Originally Posted by Hakulyte
I followed the "by the book" play, but I was reading the "not to do" page.
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" I'd suck a dick in a dark, dark alley."
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"i gave you 20 ducks, and spent a lot of time making one of them quack, and pointed at the particular one and asked "is that one the worst quacker"" ... "you could still give somewhat of an answer based on the quality of the quacks, and the other random quacks from the ducks surrounding that weren't the center of focus."
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