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Default Re: TWG CLXXXV: C9+++++++++ Game Thread

Originally Posted by Daikyi View Post
ok so from what i understand mml, you believe that i am padding, by offering up commentary on what i think someones doing in thread.

like, confirm that you believe thats padding more than someone spamming thread and talking about the previous game, as if the prev. game performance was somehow tightly linked to this game
No one would argue that what your posting is mechanically more insightful then anything Haku posts d0 in the history of ever (I love you Haku but you just shine better later on) but I think what Haku is fixated on and the manner he's going about it is telling specifically for him and his meta

That said I believe that giving general thoughts about Haku d0 is pure easy-mode and I was under the assumption that you knew Haku better then to really see anything worth commenting. That said, I will concede its been awhile for you too and you may not really hold that view.

Still What Haku says tells me about what he sees his role as where yours really didn't leave much of an impression other then d0 thoughts. Which is fine; it's much more then some people give on d0 and all that can be asked but I think it's funny you would call Haku's padding because at the end of the game your d0 thoughts are d0 thoughts.

Hence, your post is closer to padding then his.

If you want to see that remake of mine black/white (as you have accused me of doing to Haku's post) and read that as "He's calling my post padding!"....well, I'd say I don't think I would disagree with that assessment either, but again if it's been awhile since you've played with Haku and you're trying to reset the meta read then I'll concede your post serves a better purpose.

But I'll spoil the fun right now and you that Haku is still extremely easy to solve. He's the one d0 read I always nail right. I understand if what works for me isn't a good reason for you but that's where I am on him. Mechanics / slips would have to be made before I really think what he posted came from WolfHaku.

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Originally Posted by roundbox View Post
Achievement unlocked: reading the setup
Originally Posted by TWG Mad Dummy (Neee) View Post
But, I mean, shado claimed to seer check his N0 on N4, so obvs there's some NEXT LEVEL SHIT going down..
Originally Posted by the sun fan View Post
I have beat my meat to storn's posts no less than four times
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