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Default Re: TWG CLXXXV: C9+++++++++ Game Thread

Originally Posted by Daikyi View Post
i know hakus old play, but not having really invested into reading games recently, and trying to generally not insta lock reads in with agressive assumptions, like i said, i wanted to just out my thoughts out there. could you link the wuestion that started haku down the train of last game? im curious as to whether it really justifies the lengrh and extent of the small tirade.

also, the comparison to the teen stuff is more a parallel to people i deal with on discord on a daily basis.

i dont think the attention grabbiness of the posts are sus, rather the thinly veiled "i want to play better im trying to factor in last game to this game" that im not sure is actually true, given that logically (as has been stated) last game doesnt tie in so deeply to this game. So idk if he actually believes the stuff hes saying basically. if his play hasnt really changed much from the past, then sure i think he tends to think very high of his own play and would probably believe what hes saying.
Ok, thank you.

I guess it was not a question, exactly, but I took it as a response to my message here.

The perspective that the comparisons are artificial is something I am considering myself, though honestly I believe Haku more than I do not. I like your analysis in relation to Haku's past.
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