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Default Re: March/April 2017 Set 2

James May finished the primary judge task for March/April Set 2, with TC_Halogen resolving the passed file. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets.

[7.5/10**] Almost There [Standard] {RushJet1} (XelNya)
-**Sync veers off to being late in the second half of the song, by about a 64th, should check to see if the bpm changes at a certain point in the file and fix it.
-12.791 to 12.991, 2:41.295 to 2:41.494: You could have gotten away with having the 24th mini-burst here in a 1243 layer to accentuate the drums that you have been layering constantly.
-12.991 to 13.390, 2:41.494 to 2:41.902: Same here with the 16ths where you can get away with it being a 3232[34] (in the case with the ending, 3232[134]) trill
-**39.139 to 50.915: I would have actually placed this chorus as a 16th stream to give emphasis on the instrument being used, also to match the mood of the song presented in the file.
-51.514: Missing 8th here
-58.101: Could have gotten away having this as a 192nd since you have it as such on 1:01.303
-Although 1:02.900, 1:06.093, 1:09.287 should be shifted up as a 4th and not a 192nd
-**1:04.388, 1:10.776, 1:13.570, 1:15.566: Missing 16th
-**1:25.247 to 1:50.796: Need to fix the inconsistent jump usage in this section, there are sounds where you have the jumps set where there's no notes at all. If you're going in that route, then have the ones with jumps be single notes.
Not a bad file, the file flows nicely when I played it. There were however some areas to improve on and there's the weird instance where the sync veered off by a 64th in the second half of the song, check the spots denoted by a ** before acceptance.

[6/10] Blue Girl on Sunday {Goreshit} (XelNya)
-File's not bad. But there's one major issue: The song choice. And it's fine. It's not your fault. Yo udid what you had to do with the song presented to you but the song felt like it was dragging on forever. This two and a half minute song felt like an eternity and I don't feel like its suitable to be placed into FFR. Adain, the layering was fine aside from a few minor errors but the song just felt lacking in what it could be expressed and interpreted in a file.

[8.5/10**] Decretum {uzzbuzz} (XelNya)
-The sync was great, layering was in the right spots. But...
-The mini 48th bursts felt out of place in how the file was flowing (the first one being introduced at 55.492) when I playtested it.
-**There's also a few ghost jumps in the file (one of which is 1:10.498) and some that could have been added (like the 4th on 14.438 & the 12th on 14.626), which I really want you to go through those sounds with a fine comb because the slight inconsistencies in distinguishing the jumps in certain parts is what barred the file from going up to a 10 and it sucks because I really love both the song and the file, and I REALLY want this file to be in, just fix this part up a bit and then it'll be good to go~

[9/10] Kindred, the Eternal Hunters {Riot Games} (XelNya)
-All of my yes! The raw emotion in that song I just...hnnnnnnnng! The atmosphere, the pitch, the expression of the file itself, it was just there! Juuuuust a few tiny things that barred it to being a perfect 10...
-1:13.507: ghost note
-2:24.816 to 2:27.216: Ghost notes

[PASS] Discord {The Living Tombstone} (XelNya)
-Jesus fucking christ, my boyfriend's brother-in-law played this song when we were going to Carlsbad this past friday lmfao.
-Also, I would wish that you could have credited the artist as Eurobeat Brony (Remixed by The Living Tombstone) or Discord (The Living Tombstone Remix) by Eurobeat Brony since it is a remix and would prefer that its credited as such to be honest.
-Also, I'm sorry. I can't. It's nothing wrong with the file itself, but I would have gone a completely different approach to this file that it would essentially have me approach the file from the vocal layering rather than having the simplistic layering. And I can't give this a proper fair judging when I already have listened to the song and already have an etched out plan for what to approach the file on.

Passed file resolved by TC_Halogen
[5.5/10] Discord {The Living Tombstone} (XelNya)
- This is a difficult chart to judge.
- As a whole, the chart makes sense. However, for a good majority of it, it doesn’t really do anything that clearly accents parts of the music - it just fills in straight 8ths, with jumps on (nearly) all 4ths to accommodate for the kicks and snares, and 8ths arbitrarily following the melody and/or hi-hats for a good majority. There’s even an instance of missing repeated notes at 22.945, as well.
- the 16ths would be a reasonable difficulty spike compared to the rest of the structure if they weren’t repeating taps, but adding the repeated taps and the layering makes the two instances of these quite substantial difficulty spikes, especially in situations where sequences of repeated 16ths are linked by a 24th note coming into them.
- Chart doesn’t look that attentive to detail due to many instances of repeated notes that don’t quite follow repeated notes/elements in the song.
- Structural Overview: Chart is coherent and has proper rhythms, however, the structure is rather dull and imbalanced in terms of difficulty.
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