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Default Re: Finally back after an 11 year break!

Originally Posted by Skikamukazi View Post
Oh, geez, plenty! XXXSmittyXXX, Anuj, aperson, tps222, Afrobean, Shashakiro (Spelling?), Synth, AWPerative, ziggy, Yesssss, Bahamut-X, Rebirth0... the list could go on and on. I guess at some point a long time ago my ranks and points got wiped, and then I played for a while longer before disappearing. Not like that really matters much.

edit: I don't think I was super memorable, just one of the guys who played a lot and commented from time to time. But I remember playing the first simfiles ever put up on FFR, way before we had anything but blue arrows, and when all the files were terribly out of sync!
A few of those people are still around, but mostly post only in TGB. TGB requires a custom user group now, so you should request to join from user CP if you plan to use the forums again ^^

The good old days of blue out of sync arrows will always make me feel happy to think of
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Originally Posted by MinaciousGrace View Post
people like you are how trump gets elected
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