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Originally Posted by Zapmeister View Post
You're playing poker with a tiger, a kangaroo, a platypus, and a dog. You're holding 6s Qh and the flop is Qd Qs Ac. The tiger has an enormous grin on its face and wags its tail around uncontrollably, stares at the dog, and bets 60% of the pot. The kangaroo jumps around aimlessly everywhere, stares at the dog as well, and folds. The platypus is doing... uh... I don't know what platypuses do, but it's doing whatever a platypus does, and it stares at the dog with a smile on its face, and makes a minimum raise. The dog already folded preflop and is confused as to why everybody is staring at it. Do you fold, call, raise, or run screaming?

Who or what is a hatsune miku?

How long do you think it would take you to learn how to do a backflip on a trampoline, assuming that you already have a trampoline?

You're on Deal Or No Deal. You've rejected every offer the Banker has made, and you're down to the last 5 boxes/suitcases/whatever. They contain a live snake, a tomato, a pot of superglue, a basketball, and a Porsche. The Banker's offer is an iPhone 7 and a Samsung Galaxy S7. Deal Or No Deal? (You're playing according to the British format, so if you say No Deal, you don't get another offer until there are only 2 boxes/suitcases/whatever remaining.)

err.. of course i would run screaming look the platypus poker face!!!

You dont know Hatsune Miku!? well you can say that she is a singer, i know some charts from ffr that features her. (shin sekai as example)

I think i would accept the deal i mean, why would i want a porsche \_(ツ)_/ and i'm super unlucky so yeah, i would not continue lmao
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