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Default RE: TWG IX, Manhunt - Pre-Game

Blah and I were talking about why the first two were picked of all the active and established players in this game. This sums up our reasoning so try to think a little higher than the wolves expect you to think.

mastr414: chardish and EB
mastr414: f*in great picks
mastr414: makes me think its you
NEIGH006: really, because it makes me think it's you
NEIGH006: but isn't that what the wolves wanted?
mastr414: well duh

NEIGH006: I would have killed Chardish and EB actually
NEIGH006: If I were wolf
NEIGH006: it's perfect really
mastr414: i know
mastr414: it really is
mastr414: i'm f*in impressed

NEIGH006: chardish and eb are trustworthy generally and good players
mastr414: true
mastr414: they really are both trustworthy
NEIGH006: and Q you and I are great at racking up unwanted suspicion
NEIGH006: so there
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