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Default RE: TWG VIII Postgame

There is a rule that people outside the game should not be allowed to influence. It's the same as the rules on dead players. I think because of Tass' shady AIM conversation, he should have some sort of negative reprecussions. It doesn't matter if Whorli was human or wolf, he never should have said what he said to me.

Also, GG to all humans. You did great. Sorry to Chardish for helping to lynch you.

Originally Posted by blah
Whorli seemed most suspicious, we chose her, and that was the game.
The ones going after Whorli were Alain and later, myself. I'd say it was far less chancy then you made it seem.

Oh yea for LD: 2 games. I'd say 1 or none, but as others have said, he's already been involved in cheating before.
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