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Default TWG VIII Postgame

What went wrong? I think it was quite obvious. First, evilbutterfly is saved (somehow) and immediately forms an alliance. Second, LD and Tsuteto have a whole crapload of votes on them, so Tsuteto ends up biting the bullet. I obtain evidence of cheating (from BlahBlah, thank you so much) and call him on it. This is in Appendix A. Two wolves gone and a huge alliance against them, the wolves have no chance left. The next two days are the end of theirs and the humans pull off a victory in the minimum time allowed, even though Day 1 saw Chardish off.

Here were the roles:

Afrobean (Kali) - Human (Won the game).
Alainbryden (Niobe) - Human (Killed on Night 4).
blahblah18 (Seraph) - Guardian (Won the game).
chardish (Kid) - Mason (Lynched on Day 1).
CypherToorima (Ajax) - Human (Won the game).
evilbutterfly (Ghost) - Human (Won the game).
flypie743 (Trinity) - Mason (Killed on Night 3).
Kefit (Smith Clone) - Agent (Lynched on Day 3).
Kilgamayan (Morpheus) - Mason (Won the game).
lightdarkness (Smith Clone) - Agent (Removed from game).
JurseyRider734 (Neo) - Mason (Won the game).
Lupin_the_3rd (Ballard) - Human (Won the game).
M-A-C (Oracle) - Psychic (Won the game).
nforcer06164 (Vector) - Human (Won the game).
roopert (Tirant) - Human (Killed on Night 1).
Tps222 (Soren) - Human (Won the game).
Tsuteto (Smith Clone) - Agent (Lynched on Day 2).
whorlichan (Smith Clone) - Agent (Lynched on Day 4).

Oh, and if I'm allowed to give MVP awards, I think evilbutterfly MORE than deserves it for being able to form an alliance of special roles consisting of ZERO wolves. Congratulations, it is well-deserved.


Appendix A:

xtrialand errorx: if you reveal your role to someone else it COULD mean a loss in the game (aka they could be an agent and wolf you or whatever)
xtrialand errorx: its not cheating.
mastr414: yes it is

mastr414: you were as hard against tass as anyone
mastr414: don't make a double standard :-\
flypie743: that's because I dislike tass
flypie743: strongly

evilbutterfly87: it'll come out in the post game, LD will get a 1 or 2 game ban maybe, and we'll continue on about our business

xtrialand errorx: blah you can't be everyone's mommy. in every game someone has probably cheated, and someone probably always will
xtrialand errorx: just because we verified that ld was human, even though he broke the rules

flypie743: he copied and pasted part of his pm
evilbutterfly87: :-\
evilbutterfly87: LD knows better than that
flypie743: yeah he does

flypie743: LD just pulled a tass
flypie743: he found something not in the rules
flypie743: and used it
flypie743: but it was still low and cheating
flypie743: bye eb
xtrialand errorx: yeah
xtrialand errorx: i know

flypie743: yes he copied and pasted some of his PM

Stop Drop and Di: Hey, LD.
Stop Drop and Di: Who have you been talking to?
lightdarkness42: jursey
Stop Drop and Di: Ah. I see.
lightdarkness42: why
lightdarkness42: someone acusing me of cheating
Stop Drop and Di: Why did you think that showing her your PM was legal?
Stop Drop and Di: EVEN if you faked it?
Stop Drop and Di: YOU KNOW that's against the rules.
lightdarkness42: in your rules
lightdarkness42: you said you can't show codename
lightdarkness42: and
Stop Drop and Di: Don't even start.
lightdarkness42: don't bother faking it
lightdarkness42: listen
lightdarkness42: I didn't show her my PM
lightdarkness42: I faked a copy and paste
lightdarkness42: that isn't against the rules
Stop Drop and Di: 5) If I find out you are cheating with indisputable evidence (IE: someone else knows the exact content of your PM that isn't on your team (Neb, agents)), you are GONE. I will not tolerate cheating of any sort. Nobody except teammates should know about the contents of a PM because I will not use automation to generate them. In fact, there will be less than a 50% difference to prevent an auto-comparison program to locate the similarities (i.e.: Moss).
lightdarkness42: IT'S NOT MY PM
lightdarkness42: It's a PM I made up
Stop Drop and Di: TO THEM, IT IS.
lightdarkness42: I'm not!
lightdarkness42: and you know it!
Stop Drop and Di: YOU ARE.
Stop Drop and Di: And once I get Chardish's word on the matter, I'm kicking you out.
lightdarkness42: That's great, he will side with me
lightdarkness42: and you know it
Stop Drop and Di: No.
lightdarkness42: you just don't know what you are going to tell the humans
Stop Drop and Di: Because he and I are pissed off at you people.
Stop Drop and Di: Stop trying all you can to cheat.
lightdarkness42: why, because i'm manipulating them?
lightdarkness42: I'M NOT CHEATING!
lightdarkness42: it's because it looks like it to them
Stop Drop and Di: We'll see.
lightdarkness42: you feel you have to do something
Stop Drop and Di: So far, you're cheating in my book.
Stop Drop and Di: They should have denied hearing it, so I'm going to pin the blame on them as well.
lightdarkness42: Listen
lightdarkness42: ok... this will make it better, I think
Stop Drop and Di: I don't want to.
lightdarkness42: In a human Pm, you tell them they are human right?
Stop Drop and Di: No.
lightdarkness42: wolves can lie, and say they are human
lightdarkness42: what?
Stop Drop and Di: Incorrect.
Stop Drop and Di: I'm just going to say no to anything you suggest.
lightdarkness42: lol
lightdarkness42: i'll explain it to chardish then
Stop Drop and Di: Don't even bother.
Stop Drop and Di: Here's the point of the matter.
Stop Drop and Di: The people you are talking to know full well that what you have done is against the rules.
Stop Drop and Di: I have their quotes on this.
lightdarkness42: If I were a human, it would be
lightdarkness42: but i'm lying
lightdarkness42: that's the name of the game
Stop Drop and Di: To them, you are.
Stop Drop and Di: So, in their case, you are cheating.
lightdarkness42: right
lightdarkness42: but techniqly, i'm not
Stop Drop and Di: And, according to my rules, proving your worth by using your PM is cheating.
lightdarkness42: but I didn't show mine
lightdarkness42: PMs will be distributed with a codename and detailed instructions as to what role you will be playing. The codename MUST NOT EVER be told to ANYONE else UNLESS it is one of the Nebuchadnezzar crew or the agents. Revealing your codename means "YOU LOSE". If someone cheats and you see it happen, please contact me on AIM. I will not tolerate cheating, so ANY person caught cheating, agent or human, is INSTALYNCHED the day of the incident. No questions asked. Every PM is different, so don't even TRY to fake it, OK? I'll know.
Stop Drop and Di: You used a PM (it doesn't matter if I wrote it or not) to prove yourself.
Stop Drop and Di: I was mad at you before, and now I'm just livid.
lightdarkness42: you were mad at me because I was playing the game poorly
Stop Drop and Di: Now I'm mad for many more reasons.

This Is Chardish returned at 10:15:11 PM.
This Is Chardish: Yes?
Stop Drop and Di: Do not talk to LD.
Stop Drop and Di: Under any circumstance.
This Is Chardish: About anything?
Stop Drop and Di: TWG.
This Is Chardish: k
Stop Drop and Di: Ok, I'm sending you a text document.
Stop Drop and Di: I need your opinion on the matter.
Stop Drop and Di wants to directly connect.
This Is Chardish is now directly connected.
Stop Drop and Di:
Stop Drop and Di: The basis of this document follows the belief that LD cheated by showing his PM.
Stop Drop and Di: However, as you can see with his conversation with me, he did not show his actual PM.
This Is Chardish: He faked a human PM.
Stop Drop and Di: Yes.
This Is Chardish: Cheating. Gone.
Stop Drop and Di: That's what I thought.
This Is Chardish: You do NOT BRING YOUR PM into TWG
This Is Chardish: in ANY fashion.
This Is Chardish: PMs stay OUT of it.
Stop Drop and Di: Problem: How do I bring this to the group?
This Is Chardish: LD brought PMs into the game. That is illegal. He is gone. If you want my support, you have it.
Stop Drop and Di: Thanks.
Stop Drop and Di: Should this count as the next day's instalynch, or should he just die overnight?
This Is Chardish: Do as you please.
Stop Drop and Di: I guess I could do a night shift thing...
Stop Drop and Di: Like, have the guard take LD away as well.
This Is Chardish: I'd prefer immediate removal from the game, outside of the story, obviating his existance
Stop Drop and Di: It's a shift between phases right now.
Stop Drop and Di: That works.
Stop Drop and Di: I've been writing something for it, but I want to run it through with you first.
This Is Chardish: ?
Stop Drop and Di: I'm writing the important update.
Stop Drop and Di: Update:

I have caught a player cheating. This player has admitted to his deed and, as such, is now removed from the game.

Hey, guess what? Cheating is not allowed. If you know someone has cheated, you need to tell me. You don't need to hide it from me, and you don't need to blame the middleman. Any person caught cheating must be removed from the game. Simple as that.

The voting party on the matter was Chardish and I. I wrote my own rules, so I know what is and what is not against the rules. I also consulted Chardish to verify this:

Chardish: Cheating. Gone.
Chardish: You do NOT BRING YOUR PM into TWG
Chardish: in ANY fashion.
Chardish: PMs stay OUT of it.

Consider playing by the rules next time, LD.

Stop Drop and Di: Still there?
This Is Chardish: Yep
This Is Chardish: I approve.
Stop Drop and Di: Good.
Stop Drop and Di: Unlock, please.
This Is Chardish: Done
This Is Chardish: Tell me when you want a lock
Stop Drop and Di: Lock. Thank you.
And some discussion that occured after my recorded evidence sessions:

LD, you impersonated the host and lied about it. That's more than enough grounds for a one to two-game ban. Everybody that has been an active participant in any TWG is now on the "Jury" to decide his fate. Vote for zero, one, or two-game ban. No more than that; that's just cruel.

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